Facebook Introduces More Security Features, Adds Dark Mode to Workplace

Yesterday was uploaded to Facebook. The company has rolled out a variety of updates, both to Facebook and to the Messenger app. Some of these updates look pretty promising. Here is an overview of the main added features:

  • Messenger is now more secure for iOS users. New privacy features had been rumored for the past two days, but were officially unveiled yesterday. You can now use Face ID or Touch ID to lock private chats - and other privacy features will be available soon.
  • Facebook pages could be lightened, with new analytics additionsThe "Like" option may no longer be available on the pages in the future, because the company begins to test pages that strictly use the "Follow" function. We'll also receive new metrics on the Insights page, including top performing posts and audience overlap with Instagram.
  • Workplace receives a whole host of updates, including a dark mode. If you use Workplace in your company, the list of updates announced yesterday will be welcome. Dark Mode is now available on the Workplace desktop and mobile apps, and the iOS app has gotten a lot of simplifications.

It's great to see Facebook continuing to optimize its platform. Of particular interest are the potential updates to the Pages.

With more emphasis on followers and audience overlap ideas with Instagram, could Facebook Pages have Instagram-like functionality in the future? Time will tell us.

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