How to unhide a message on Facebook ?

Facebook does not necessarily display all the messages that are sent to the users' inbox. The messages we receive are in fact divided into two categories. There are those from people we know on one side and those from strangers on the other side. The latter are then hidden by the platform to protect the users. Some of the messages in question are even sent to the spam box. Unless you are an expert in using the Facebook application, it is very likely that you have never accessed the messages hidden in your Facebook application. Before I can explain in the rest of this article the usefulness of hidden conversations on Facebook, I will explain how to unhide a message on Facebook go to messenger then click on the Messenger icon then, click on your profile picture. This is located at the top left of the interface. As soon as this is done, usettings page is displayed automatically and finally, click on menu When you click on "Invitation by message", another page is displayed by default. It is located in the section called "You may know".

What is the purpose of the hidden conversations feature on Facebook?

why hide a message on Facebook

Some instant messaging applications and platforms have recently introduced end-to-end encryption in their application features. Their objective is to offer maximum privacy and therefore security to users. Thanks to this encryption, only the senders and the recipients of the messages are able to read them. Neither the platform, nor the internet provider, can have access to the content of your messages.

Facebook, the world's most popular instant messaging application, also has this feature. However, it turned out that the application can filter messages and decide to show only conversations from particular people. This is possible for one reason. The platform has an algorithm that is programmed to play a specific role. This consists of sorting people to find out the type of relationship that links them. If the algorithm fails to identify the relationship between the two users, then the platform will stop the discussions between them.

In other words, Facebook automatically allocates discussions from either party to the hidden message folder. This is called a Facebook. While this feature is of great use to some people, it does interfere with other users' use of the platform. This is because Facebook does not inform users of the inbox of hidden messages. In this way, they will not be able to realize that someone is trying to reach them because it is almost impossible to accidentally stumble upon the filtered folder of the platform.

It should be noted, however, that the said folder that stores the messages in question is accessible if you really know how to do it. The procedure to follow in order to gain access to your hidden messages depends on the type of devices you use to connect to your Facebook account. That said, many people wonder how to find out if they have hidden conversations on Facebook. In reality, it is often difficult to tell. However, you will receive a notification from the social platform informing you of the receipt of a message as well as information about the sender. Only then will you know that you have hidden messages.

Why hide a message on Facebook?

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It is very useful to unhide messages on Facebook. While the message filtering feature is beneficial to some, it is detrimental to others. For example, it can cause a very important message to be missed. It is therefore advisable to disable this feature so that you can access messages directly once they arrive.

Access hidden messages according to the type of device you are using

In general, there are three ways to unhide hidden messages on Facebook. You can do this depending on the type of device you are using to log in. It can be a laptop or a smartphone with an Android or iOS system. It should also be noted that you can unhide your messages from Facebook from the settings of the Messenger application. Especially since these two social platforms are linked together. For example, there is even a Facebook Messenger application that combines both social platforms.

Access hidden messages on Facebook from a laptop    

There are two ways to unhide a message on Facebook from a laptop running Windows or a Mac. However, it should be noted that the access to all the hidden messages, including spam, can only be done with a web browser.

That said, with your usual web browser, go to Facebook. Once on the platform, log in with your login and password. From the news feed of your Facebook account, click on the Messenger icon that is located at the top right of the page. A pane will open. In it, click on the three ellipses. A panel will appear, choose at this level invitation by message.

At this point, a list of messages that you have never accessed before will appear. Check to see if any of the senders of these messages are familiar to you. You can read the messages without fear since the sender will know almost nothing about them until you reply. Note that other messages remain hidden without Facebook Messenger, since the application has considered them as Spam. To check, scroll down the list of hidden messages and click on the "View Spam" option. A new list of messages you don't know about will appear. As in the previous case, you can view the spam content without fear. If you manage to find people you know in this list, you can start a discussion with them. Otherwise, simply click on "I don't want to be in contact with XXX" and then click on block to stop all interaction with the person.

Hide a Facebook message from a device with an Android operating system

hide a message about Facebook on android

To unhide hidden messages on Facebook with a smartphone, the procedure is a bit peculiar. First, log in to your account, then click on the Messenger icon and you will be automatically redirected to this application. Once this is done, click on your profile picture. This one is located on the top left of the interface. Once this is done, a settings page will automatically appear. Go to the "Invitation by message" menu, another page will appear by default. It is located in the section called "You may know". This is the section that contains messages that you probably haven't received yet, or that you have consciously ignored a notification for.

Here too you can open the messages without fear. The sender does not know that you have read them, unless you reply. You can also block the discussion if you do not know the sender. To do so, simply click on the eponymous button or simply delete the message. On the other hand, you can also access the other messages that are in the spam section. To do this, click on "Spam". A new list will be displayed again. Here you can also open each message in peace. It is highly recommended to block all the people you don't know and to reply to all the other messages from people you know to hide the conversation.

Hide messages on Facebook with your smartphone equipped with an iOS operating system

hide a message on Facebook on ios

As a reminder, the procedure to unhide messages on an iPhone is a bit different from that of an Android phone. That said, to get started, launch the Facebook app on your smartphone and then insert your details to log into your Facebook account. Once this is done, click on the "Messenger" icon and press the "Me" button. It is located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Then open the settings and click on the "People" function. On this page you will find the option "Message request", click on it. Then press "View filtered requests" to see another folder of hidden messages. To open the contents of this folder, just click on it and you're done. If you want to receive messages from people who have sent hidden messages, then simply click on "Accept". As soon as you do so, you can officially start talking to the people concerned. In case you don't know anyone, just delete the chat.

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As you can see, it is not so complex to unhide a message on Facebook. The procedure to follow, although simple, depends on the type of device you are using. It can be a computer, a smartphone with an Android operating system or one with an iOS system. However, it is important to remember that regardless of the type of device used, you must necessarily take through Messenger.

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