How to use Facebook Pixel Helper to increase your conversions in 3 steps!

Facebook is a social platform that was originally designed to allow people around the world to interact. It gives you the ability to share content for many purposes, including selling a product or good. Facebook remains an option for many people who want to promote their product or service. To do so, they must necessarily put in place means to advertise on this social media. Speaking of advertising, there is an essential tool that you must use. The tool in question is the Facebook pixel. Sometimes it can happen that it does not work as it should. This is where Facebook Pixel Helper comes in. This application is used to check if the Facebook Pixel is working and returns the collected information perfectly. That said, before using Facebook PIxel Helper, you must first install it, then check if Pixel works well as a child, see if the collected information is normally returned. Then you can convert the prospects. 

What is Facebook Pixel Helper?

Pixel facebook

Facebook Pixel Helper  is a statistical tool that allows you to check if your Pixel Facebook is working properly as it should. It is a kind of easy to use Google Chrome extension that companies that advertise Facebook cannot help but use. This tool is very valuable, as it allows you to optimize your facebook ads by studying them closely to know what improvement to make them.

Before using Facebook Pixel Helper, you need to install and use Facebook Pixel. That said, we will present you successively the utility of Facebook Pixel and how to install it.

What Pixel Facebook can be used for

If you are wondering about the usefulness of pixel FacebookYou can use this feature for many things.

Follow closely your Facebook ads

Keep track of your facebook ads campaigns
Track your campaigns with Facebook pixel helper

Mainly, it will help you to set up more and more effective ads with the Facebook ads tool dedicated to advertising on this platform.

In addition to that, you will be able to directly target a qualified audience, i.e. the one who is more interested in your different contents. If you want to follow the results of your campaigns on Facebook ads, then pixel Facebook is also your ally. It will allow you to collect all the data you need to reach your ultimate goal.

First of all, this tool will allow you to track purchases and the number of leads converted on your website. Furthermore, it will give you access to many data analysis tools such as Facebook Analytics. Through the latter, Facebook compiles data from your pages, websites, campaigns and other platforms. From this information, you will generate reports on the performance of your optimized campaigns. Furthermore, Facebook Analytics allows you to analyze the cost per lead conversion or the ROI of your different ads.

Follow the different Facebook conversions with the Facebook pixel tool

If you are struggling to keep track of people interacting with your account, then Facebook pixel will also be very useful for you. It will allow you to analyze how people act after reading your ads or content on Facebook. For example, you can know on which type of device your conversion rate is the highest.

In addition to analyzing the media used, you can also identify the type of people who generate the best results in your audience based on demographic data. Based on these demographics, you will be better able to know your ROI and refine the strategy to use.

Making use of retargeting Facebook

facebook retargeting

Here, the Facebook pixel will help you to do remarketing. It is simply using the data to serve your ads only to people who have already visited your website at least once.

By addressing your publications to the most interested, the impact will be felt directly on your conversion rate. If you own an e-commerce site, you can go further with remarketing, easily by broadcasting more dynamic ads. For example, you can identify the cases of cart abandonment, i.e. the users who have added one of your products to their cart on your website.

From the dynamic advertising, you have the ability to show an ad in their news feed with the product they had added to their shopping cart without purchasing it.

Create an audience similar to the one that most closely matches your customer avatar

target your customer avatar

Facebook can make use of pixel data to help you create a similar audience that is closest to your source audience. This is the custom audience set up from the information collected from your mobile app's pixel or your page's fans on the Facebook social network.

Note here that the source audience must contain a population of about 100 people before it is taken into account by Facebook to generate a similar one. Once this condition is met, the platform will identify people who have similar tastes, demographics and interests to those of the users who already interact with your website. This technique is very powerful and will generate many customers for you.

Optimization of ads to generate more conversions

Optimize your Facebook ads for better conversion

Without the Facebook pixel tool, you have the possibility to optimize only the delivery of your ads to Internet users on Facebook who are likely to click on your ad. In this case, there is no guarantee that if they click on your publication, they will :

  • Make a purchase;
  • Sign up for a trial period of your services;
  • Make an appointment with one of your sales representatives.

On the other hand, with the Facebook pixel, you can make an optimization that will be closely related to your business goals, purchases and registrations for example. After that, you can closely follow the distribution of your content in order to optimize it towards users of Facebook that are likely to generate a conversion to your site. That is:

  • Make an appointment;
  • Fill out a quote;
  • Sign up for a trial period;
  • Download an e-book.

To take it a step further, this Facebook tool will allow you to only show your ads to people who not only have a very large shopping cart, but who are also capable of buying.

Some tips for configuring and installing a pixel

facebook pixel tips

Here we will give you all the necessary tips to properly install the Facebook pixel tool and get the benefits from it.

Step 1: Create your pixel

Follow these steps to create your pixel:

  • Go to the Facebook ad manager and click on the hamburger icon (≡) and select pixel ;
  • Click on the "create a pixel" option;
  • Accept the terms and conditions and click "next" after naming your pixel.

As for the pixel name, remember that with the event manager, you are only allowed one name per ad account.

Step 2: Add the pixel code to your site

In order for the pixel to collect the necessary information about your website, you must install the code on your web pages beforehand. There are two possibilities in this case. One is to use the copy and paste method. For the second option, you can use an integration or a tag manager in the following cases:

  • If you are working with a developer who is able to modify your site's code, click on "Email instructions to a developer";
  • If you use an e-commerce platform or a tag manager, you can install the pixel code without having to change the code of your website.

If you are not in either of these cases, then follow these steps to add the pixel code to your site:

  • Press Manually install the code yourself:
  • Copy the entire pixel code and then copy it into the header code of your website. That is, after the "head" tag and before the "/head" tag. Once you have finished, click on "next";
  • Choose advanced automatic matching or not;
  • Verify that you have entered the code correctly by entering the website URL before clicking on "Send a traffic test".

You have successfully sent your pixel code to your website.

Step 3: Check for events relevant to your business

From the 17 standard events offered by this tool, choose the ones you want to track by pressing the toggle button. For all selected events, you must choose either to track during page load or to track inline.

To finish the installation procedure, check if your Facebook pixel is working properly by following the tips below.

Check if Pixel Facebook works fine with the Facebook Pixel Helper application

Once you add pixel to your website, it is very important to check if it works normally. In addition to that, make sure that it receives all the necessary information. So, to make it easier for you, we give you some tips on how to perform the verification efficiently.

Download Facebook Pixel Helper

Facebook pixel Helper is a free plugin that you can download for free on Google Chrome. It is very useful to check if the Facebook pixel tool is working properly. So download the plugin and install it on your device.

If you have successfully installed, in the browser window of your Google Chrome application, you will see a small icon () that will light up in green and blue. This color variation means that the Pixel Helper recognizes that you had installed the Facebook pixel and that it is an active asset.

Continue the operation by clicking on the small icon to check that all the data is coming up as it should.

Audit itself

By clicking on the tab that appears, you have the possibility to check if all the data you want to track is indeed recorded by the pixel and transferred to Facebook. If you did not create an event when you added the pixel, then you should see the events "Microdata" and "PageView" displayed. If they are accompanied by a green icon, it means that the data is going up to Facebook normally. The pixel is therefore correctly installed.

If not, the icons will be displayed in yellow or red color. This indicates that you have made a mistake during the installation of Pixel. Please go through the installation process again, making sure to follow the necessary steps.

Check if the data goes back to Facebook ads

Finally, you need to check if the information is flowing back to Facebook normally. To do this, go to the "ad manager" and then to the "pixel report". Once there, press the "detail" option to see if your events are coming back normally. If they do, you will see a detailed list of all the events from pixel Facebook and their activities. If not, your pixel is not working properly.  

How can SocialBlast help you?

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What are you waiting for, take action, opt for SocialBlast to become visible on Facebook and convert more customers to convert. 


Facebook is not only an entertainment platform, it also allows you to offer products and services to a given audience. To do this, you need to use a feature called Pixel Facebook. The latter may not work normally and this is where you will need Facebook Pixel Helper. We first showed you the usefulness of Pixel before explaining how to use Facebook Pixel Helper to generate more conversions. 

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