Privacy strategies on Facebook

Facebook is one of the social networks that contains enough personal information that can help new friends, colleagues or bosses to better identify you and understand who you are. To avoid old posts that don't reflect who you are now, it's a good idea to clean up your posts from time to time.

This article will show you how to protect your privacy on Facebook.

Privacy on Facebook

 Here are some things you should know to protect your profile from potential stalkers.

Edit your personal profile information for public viewing.

The first step to keeping your private data out of the wind is to clean up the publicly accessible data in your bio.

 To do so, access your profile and click on Modify information in the introduction area. Uncheck any info you don't want to see on the public profile, such as your job, education, hometown, current city or relationship status. Don't forget to save by clicking on Save.

Enter your privacy settings

From your page Facebook click on your profile in the sidebar to expand the main menu and access your privacy settings. Then click on Settings to access the global account settings window.

Limit the audience for future publications

In case you have never handled your privacy settings Facebook for over 10 years, your publications can be public. It's easy to tell by looking at the small icon that appears to the right of the date of the sending of the message. A map of the world means that the post is public and an icon with two silhouettes means that the post is only visible to friends. To limit who can see your posts, in the " your activity" in the parameter " who can see future messages" Click on Edit. Then click on the menu that appears next to the Messages button and select the groups of users that are allowed to see your messages.

Change the target audience of old messages.

Also, all your old messages have a defined audience. Your messages can be seen by anyone, or even by the Facebook friends of your contacts. To change this, in the line Restrict the display of published publications to friends of your contacts or on the public setting, click on Restrict the display of older publications. Press the Restrict the audience for older versions. Finally, to restrict your audience to older publications, confirm your choice by pressing the appropriate option in the pop-up window. Finally, press Close to save your settings.

Note: Since even children can have a Facebook account, it is necessary to help them better protect their identities and personal information. Thanks to the PC parental control applications that help you protect your family onlineYou can keep your children safe online. Protect the lives of your children and the family.

Hide the pages and people you follow.

 Facebook is a great tool for learning about areas of interest. Hide the people, pages and lists you follow. This is probably the safest way to keep others from discovering your hobbies. Look for the setting " Who can see the people, pages and lists you follow "and press Edit. Then select "Just me." in the parameter that appears. 

Hide the list of friends.

Hide your friends list to all Facebook usersThe fact that you can't tell your friends, not just your contacts, can get rid of a lot of problems. For example, you can prevent your friends from knowing that you are having a party with this person by preventing them from searching your friends list.

To hide your friends list, in the " How people can find you and write to you" search for the parameter " Who can see your friends list ? ". Press Edit and change the audience on Only me.

View profiles by audience.

 Click on the button " Display as "The profile will open in a new window showing all your public data. The profile will open in a new window displaying all your public data. This allows you to review the publicly available data and hide it if you are not happy with it.

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