How to tag a company on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world with a large audience. This platform has several interesting features, among which is the "identification" or "tag" feature, which consists in associating another user with a content before publishing it. In principle, this practice is very advantageous since it allows you to generate a larger audience on the platform andimprove your visibility. To take advantage of these different benefits, you must first learn how to tag a company on Facebook. To do so, prepare the content to be published and then press @ to tag the company in question before validating the publication.

Is it important to identify a company in your content? What are the mistakes to avoid in order for the identification to be successful? What are the tricks to easily associate a company with your publication? These are some of the concerns that you will find the best solutions in this article.

What does it mean to tag a company on Facebook?

Why tag a company

The "identification" feature of Facebook is not a recent option. It dates back a long time and at the beginning, the identification on this social platform could only be done with photos. Since it became possible to publish a video on FacebookYou can tag a company on Facebook in any type of publication on this social network.

In concrete terms, tagging a company on Facebook means associating its name or identifying it in one of the contents you publish. In other words, to identify a company on Facebook is to link its name to your content before or after its publication. As Facebook mentions, when you tag a company, you create a link to its profile. This means that the publication in which you have identified them can be added to their log.

In fact, if the company's Facebook account settings are set to public. The publication in which it is identified appears not only on its profile, in its news feed, but also in that of people who are subscribers to its page. This will simply mean that tagging a company on Facebook gives you visibility. Note, however, that the publication in question will appear automatically or upon approval on the company's timeline depending on the configuration of its tag settings.

Facebook has a section entirely dedicated to configuring the log settings and identifications. If the company activates the feature "Review the publications in which you are identified before they appear on your diary", it will mean that it must approve each of the publications in which it is identified.

She can also activate the "everyone" option. In this case, all the users who consult its profile, the subscribers to its page and the pages to which it is subscribed will be able to see the publication. The company also has the option of customizing the settings so that only subscribers to its page or only it can see the publications in which it is tagged. In this case, it would reduce the visibility of the published content.

Tag a company on this social network: the advantages

Tagging on a publication is a real way to advertise for a third party company and for yourself. As we explained above, tagging a company in a publication on Facebook allows you to gain visibility. Therefore, you can have more subscribers if you are also a company. Thanks to some Facebook toolsyou can generate leads by converting this audience for you, which could boost your business and your activities.

Beyond this benefit, you can tag a company on Facebook when you use or share any of this content. This helps to avoid problems. The best way to choose a good company is by recommendation. If you are a brand that operates in an industry, tagging a company allows you to benefit from it to get more customers. That is why it is strongly recommended to identify only companies that are well known or who have a large number of subscribersThis is one of the best ways to advertise not only the brand, but also yourself.

The perpetual search for natural referencing is an important part for all people or companies who want to stand out on Facebook. Identifying a company on this platform will help you to optimize your positioning in the news feeds of several people.

Bad practices to avoid

Beware of facebook's algoritheme

To tag a company on Facebook, there are some good attitudes to address. First of all, you should avoid identifying a business owner's personal account in addition to his or her company's account. Indeed, each person has his private life, and directly associating the private account of the owner of a company to a publication in which he appears is not appreciated at all.

You really need to be careful here. Facebook's algorithms often tend to show a company's private account rather than their company's account when searching. This is especially true when the company owner's private account and the company's page have the same name. Without knowing it, you won't identify the company, but rather the person.

The other mistake to avoid is the use of external tools thinking that you will save time. The purpose of these tools is to share the publication simultaneously on all its social networks. Just note that the social platform Facebook does not appreciate these different tools at all. It may even sanction you if it deems it necessary.

The identification only makes sense and bears fruit if it is clickable. The common mistake most people make is to identify a company on Facebook without embedding a link. Very few people will copy the name of a company to do a search. Also, the company's subscribers will never know about your post. This is also the case for people who copy the URL of a company's page in places where Hyperlinks are not allowed.

Finally, the use of a # instead of an @ is not always recommended. It is not sufficient in all cases to tag a company on Facebook. By doing so, it is not always obvious that your publication creates a link with the identified company.

The essential tips to identify a company on Facebook

Facebook tips

You can identify a company before or after the publication of a content. The procedure in these two cases is not identical. It may vary depending on the type of device you are using.

Tag a company on Facebook before publishing

To mention a company on Facebook before a publication, here is the procedure you must follow:

  • prepare the content to be published (a text, an image or a video);
  • enter the "@" symbol. As soon as you have done so, a list of names will appear. Choose the name of the page you want to use from this list. Also note that you can type the name of the company you are looking for directly after the "@".

Remember that depending on the configuration of a page, you may not be able to identify it directly. It is also important to remember that theThe audience generated by this identification depends on the privacy of the page.

Identify a company on Facebook after publication

When you have already created the publication, it is possible to return to identify a company. To do this, the procedure to follow depends on the type of device you are using. However, the most convenient way is to do it with a laptop.

Start by logging into your Facebook account and clicking on the down arrow in the upper right corner of the screen. Then select your profile picture and scroll through the content on your journal until you find the target post. Once you find it, click on the tag icon in the upper right corner.

Select the company you want to identify and then press the "Tagging complete" option. On a smartphone or a phone with an iOS operating system, the process is a bit special. At the top of your news feed, click on your profile picture. Scroll through your feed and click on the relevant post and the tag icon in the top right corner of the screen respectively, then select the company to tag.

It is essential to come back to a crucial point. You really can't tag third party websites on Facebookbut rather the company's official page on this social platform.

Want to go further? Become visible on Facebook 

If more and more people continue to tag a company on Facebook, the goal is to generate a large audience and therefore have increased visibility. Although you may have already identified companies, you may be struggling to reach this goal. However, we have useful resources Facebookthat could help you find your brands and generate a quality audience on this social network! 


In summary, you can tag a business on Facebook with a few simple steps to perform. The main goal of any identification on Facebook is to have a larger audience, you can use our SocialBlast platform to quickly reach this goal. The results are guaranteed and you do not risk any sanction from Facebook.

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