How to respond to a review on Google?

The majority of Internet users claim to search for reviews on Google before choosing a product or service. So responding to a Google review, and reviews posted by customers, have the power to influence the perception of online prospects. They can either encourage certain people to choose you, or on the contrary dissuade them from choosing your brand. That's why it's so important to keep a close eye on customer reviews, so you can respond to them.

To do this, you can use two different methods: Google My Business and Google Maps..

You're probably wondering how to use these different methods, whether it's essential to respond to user reviews, and if so, the procedure for doing so, as well as the strategies to adopt when responding to a review, depending on its nature!
You'll find solutions to all these concerns in the rest of this article.

Why is it important to respond to reviews left by Google users?

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Today, Internet users choose companies based on their digital reputation. To do this, they consult the reviews that these companies' customers leave on their various platforms, particularly on Google. Consumers need to feel secure about a brand before placing an order, whether at a physical or digital point of sale. E-reputation is therefore a crucial factor that needs to be nurtured. if you want to stand out on the Internet. 

That said, it is important to respond to all opinions, especially negative ones, as they can have a huge impact on company sales. Responding to a Google review left by Internet users is also an act of caution. Many people can leave unjustified reviews to harm a target company. Worse still, some of our competitors pay people to leave negative comments about other companies.. That's why it's important to keep an eye out for and respond to all Google reviews.

In addition, responding to positive reviews left by Internet users on Google allows you to customer loyalty. It's also a way of not only building customer loyalty, but also attracting new ones.

How to reply to a Google review

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As you can see, it's crucial to follow up on all the reviews left by Internet users on Google. Responding to both positive and negative reviews are two of the most important steps you can take. important tasks requiring special procedures. The first thing to do is to dhave an account Google My Business and certify it at your company address. Once this has been done, you have two options for responding directly to any type of notice. First, you can use the home page of the Google My Business application. Failing this method, you have the option of using company profile on Google Maps.

To reply to a Google review from the Google My Business application, follow these steps: 

  • open the application from your smartphone or tablet;
  • first select "Customers", then "Reviews";
  • Select the customer review you wish to reply to;
  • write the ideal answer and send it.

The procedure for replying to a review with Google Maps is different from the previous one. That said, here are the steps you need to follow to formulate an ideal response: 

  • open the Google Maps application directly or use Google from your computer;
  • select the profile of the target company or establishment. You can do this by clicking on the company icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can enter the name of the company in question directly into the Google search bar;
  • select the customer review you wish to reply to;
  • click on reply and leave your comment.

Whatever the case, you need to make sure you provide a professional response that fits in with the customer's opinion. To do this, there are a few vital points and tips for responding depending on the type of review you're dealing with.

A few tips on how to respond to different types of reviews

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The methodology or the approach to take when responding to a notice depends on the nature of the notice. Internet users are usually quite sensitive to politeness. That said, when responding to a Google review, it's important to be tactful. Of course, how you respond to a review depends on its nature. In any case, it's important that you do the following be courteous in your answersThis may make the surfer feel uncomfortable.

Responding to a positive review on Google: how do you go about it?

By writing a positive review of a service or product offered by your company, the customer contributes to your company's visibility. It goes without saying that this review must receive a response, so that the customer becomes a true ambassador for your brand. This way, they can promote your company and recommend it to others, who in turn can leave a positive review.

To respond to such an opinion, it is important to take up the positive points cited by the web user to show him that you've understood his message. It also helps to back up his point of view so that other customers can understand him. Wherever possible, it's a good idea to offer your customer a small gesture of thanks. It could be a free product trial, advice on how to use a product effectively, or simply a discount voucher to use on your next purchase.

Note that it is important to personalize responses by calling customers directly by their first name. Just as it is important to use the customer's first name, it is also crucial to sign the answer at the end.

How do I respond to a negative review on Google?

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Even if it's not an easy task, it's important to respond to a negative review. In fact, it's the best way to improve your e-reputation. First and foremost, you really need to take a step back before formulating a response to a negative opinion. In order to not be impulsive or act emotionally. Even if the task isn't as straightforward as you might think, it's always best to respond to or resolve negative reviews in a courteous and polite manner. Other Internet users will then know that you're listening to your customers, and that you know how to challenge yourself when necessary.

The initial step is to thank the customer for taking the time to share his opinion with others. After that, apologize, expressing real regret and, above all, assuring your mistakes. Then emphasize the positive elements of the customer experienceif any. It's also crucial to respond to each of his criticisms with justified answers and, above all, by explaining what may have been misunderstood.

Finally, you need to propose solutions to the customer in question, and invite them to return to the point of sale. Don't forget to explain in detail what you'll have to do to satisfy her and change her mind. 

Note that the message you send should be personalized. To do this, you need to address the customer by calling their name directly. Avoid providing a generic answer, but rather tailor your response to the customer's specific situation.

Finally, the person responding to the notice must sign, leaving his/her name and position within the company.

Report and remove a negative review on Google

The first thing to note is that negative reviews do not have to be deleted from your account. Some of them may turn out to be positive for you, but only if you respond with empathy. Not to mention finding an ideal solution to the problem the user has raised. Also, if there were only positive reviews left on Google, the service would no longer be of much interest. 

However, false reviews are sometimes published, usually by unscrupulous competitors. If you notice a fake review, you can report it and ask for it to be permanently removed. To do request the removal of a negative review, simply go to the Google My Business page. and report the notice in question. From then on, all you have to do is wait for Google to confirm that the review has been removed. If the person responsible for the negative review reappears, you can simply delete the comment and even try to block it.

Although Google has the option of removing a review, there may be cases where your request is not granted. In this case, the best thing to do is to contact the author of the review and try to reach an agreement.

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Responding to reviews left by Internet users is no longer an option, but rather an obligation. Google reviews are one of the most important sources of influence on consumers' purchasing intentions and perceptions. They have a considerable impact on every company's e-reputation. To respond to Google reviews, you can use two different methods. One is to use Google My Business, while the other is to use Google Map. Either way, you need to be courteous in your response and, above all, personalize it. Given the importance of Google reviews, our Socialblast platform provides you with several services, including positive reviews.

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