5 tips to optimize your Instagram account

Instagram is no longer just a social network. It is also becoming an essential communication channel for professionals. However, personifying a brand, promoting products and services or attracting customers are not easy tasks. Thanks to these 5 tips, you will be able to optimize your Instagram visibility more efficiently.

Ensure the quality of your profile

A good presentation is necessary to personalize your profile and for quick identification. Complete your profile with your website to make it easier.

Ensure the referencing of your publications by taking care of the quality of the bio. Short text and keywords will work wonderfully. Do not forget to add the emojis and the address of your blog or the link of your pages to other social networks.

Make relevant posts to boost your Instagram account

Competition is fierce on Instagram to be popularized among the 800 million monthly users. So, do not publish everything that comes to your eyes, but collect content and choose captions that are very captivating.

Do not forget the hashtags to easily find your publications. However, publishing is not enough, engage with users by building well-targeted partnerships. Be patient, and share your posts in your blogs to generate traffic. If you want to optimize your Instagram account quickly with hashtags, we advise you Seekmetrics.

Make people want to follow you

You have to target your persona before making a publication. Do not hesitate to put a call to action with relevant hashtags. You don't have to put many hashtags, you just have to choose them well. Make your subscribers laugh and you'll be okay with it.

The trends are also to follow! So, do live broadcasts, use trending hashtags adding beautiful photos and engaging photos. If necessary, also master photo editing using apps so that you can regularly post quality content. The quality of your posts is one of the most important elements to optimize your Instagram account.

Show your humanity behind every activity

To make the profile more lively and interesting, don't hesitate to organize contests, share stories and videos. Aside from making people laugh, don't forget to highlight your human side in your posts. Small messages are always welcome, but to be done in moderation.

Reach your targets with inspiring content, bring smiles and positive thoughts. Surveys, questions with posts in versus mode or in voting mode will establish a more human relationship with your subscribers, for example.


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Use eye-catching photos to optimize your Instagram account

For your visibility, dare to assert your difference from others. Start by posting high quality photos that relate to your business.

Then, when you do posts, post them at the best times when there are more visits on the social network. You will find here an article to optimize your schedules according to your activity.

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