6 tools to analyze your audience on Instagram and find influencers for your brand

In a world where social media is the new marketing, understanding how to take advantage of Instagram is essential. Here are six tools that can help you analyze your audience on Instagram and find influencers for your brand.


Stellar is a solution that allows you to identify the right influencers for your brand and track the performance of your influencer campaigns. You can find your future ambassadors from a catalog that brings together more than 10 million influencers. All you need to do is analyze their profile statistics. In particular, you have access to the monetary value that a post from an influencer can bring you. To measure the impact of your marketing campaigns, reports will be generated automatically. Stellar is a paid tool, a trial version is available to discover the different…


It is a free tool that allows you to monitor all data related to your account. It also offers many tools to manage and analyze your followers, hashtags, comments and likes . Using this solution, you can find influencers in different fashion niches.

Iconosquare's dashboard allows you to understand the best time to publish your content and evaluate its performance in real time. You can also monitor all of your posts from one place


It is an affordable tool that helps brands track their campaigns on Instagram. It offers detailed reporting on your feeds, including audience engagement for each post, demographics, and more. This solution will help you identify new influencers and followers, as well as measure the impact of each campaign accurately


You can use this free service to find out who the most relevant people are in any niche using three main metrics: Influencer Ranking (IR), Engagement Rate (ER), and Klout Score

The Klout score is a measure of your social influence. It takes into account the size and quality of your network, how you engage with others on Twitter and Facebook , and who talks about or responds to you

SocialRank also lets you see what specific groups are talking about in any niche

Rival IQ

This free tool offers detailed reports at different levels: by country, by region (United States and Canada), by city. You can easily find influencer data for each category mentioned above. All this information will help you develop an effective digital strategy when it comes to promoting products through marketing campaigns on Instagram

Thanks to the Internet, it's easier than ever for brands to connect with their customers and prospects. This is especially true on social media, as platforms like Instagram provide a valuable opportunity for businesses to promote themselves through images and videos. There are a variety of tools that can help you identify the right influencers in your niche – Iconosquare, TrackMaven, SocialRank, RivalIQ are just a few examples. These tools will help you manage your followers , hashtags and comments, as well as monitor the performance of each campaign on Instagram in real time. You can also find influencers with specific characteristics: different fashion niches or by country, region (United States and Canada), city. In short – with these tools, it’s easier than ever for brands to connect with their customers and prospects.

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