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Depending on where you live, your favorite stores may still be closed, but that doesn't mean you can't shop. July 17, 2020, Instagram officially launched a new shopping function in Explore, which allows users to scroll through relevant brands and product lists.

Here's what you need to know about this store update:

Facebook Pay: a new payment method via Facebook will soon be integrated into the process.

No need to save your bank details with each new purchase. A “Facebook Pay” payment option will be integrated into Instagram Shop to allow users to make their purchases directly within the app. What Instagram presents as an easy and secure means of payment.

The Default Store feed works the same as the Explore feed, where users are presented with relevant items.

Only in the Shop section all posts include relevant items for sale. This means that creating relevant articles with featured products is more important than ever!

And that's just the beginning.

Instagram plans to make its store a new tab in the main navigation bar later this year, as the company wants to make E-commerce a big part of the platform.

Prepare to welcome more TikTok users

It's no secret that TikTok is in a tough spot. The app was recently banned in India, and rumors continue to swirl that the United States and Australia may follow suit. In response, Instagram quickly extends the availability of its rival, Reels.
The Reels (which are part of the Instagram app) will be available in the US at the beginning of the month of August.

Keep your marketing skills TikTok on the lookout - soon you may have more opportunities to use them elsewhere.

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