How to increase your Linkedin visibility?

Boost your visibility on LinkedIn

When we talk about digital prospecting, whether in the context of a B to B or a B to C, the network LinkedIn remains the most popular channel. This social network, well used, can allow you to acquire customers every day or generate prospects, show its expertise and build a community around targeted themes or even find the job of your dreams. But how can you increase your LinkedIn visibility? here are the effective tips that will help you boost your visibility.

Have a good profile to increase your LinkedIn visibility

With 106 million users, LinkedIn allows you to find a job, or find clients. To not blend in with the crowd, treat yourself to a professional look. How? 'Or' What ? Boost your LinkedIn profile visibility with these tips.

Upload a good cover photo and a profile photo that reflects your professional side. Ensure the quality of your photos with the different applications or software. To have an attractive profile, remember to indicate your areas of interest and do not neglect the recommendations and fill in your skills. As you will have understood, it is important to optimize every detail to have an effective LinkedIn profile.

Il est judicieux d’investir une dizaine de minutes par jour pour vos différentes actions sur ce réseau. Restez actif et faites les mises à jour nécessaires comme un changement de photo de profil au bout de cinq mois. Aussi, publiez des contenus reliés à votre domaine ou encore de l’actualité. Importez des liens vers votre plateforme pour booster les visites.

Publish quality web content to boost your LinkedIn account

To gain popularity, it is advisable to add members of your team and register the different projects on your profile.

Vous désirez de la visibilité ? Boostez-la grâce à votre interaction dans un groupe par exemple. Pendant ce temps, veillez à poser des questions pertinentes qui vont générer de l’activité. Aussi, les actions à effectuer au sein d’un groupe sont : lancer de la discussion, aimer et commenter une publication.

Share content published by your network, in groups or even Slideshare while meeting the needs of prospects. Also, put watermarks on your photos to keep a certain visibility through visual shares for example. So never hesitate to be active on the networks.

Quant à la messagerie, restez courtois en demandant une brève introduction de votre interlocuteur. Lorsque vous faites une demande de contact, profitez en pour ajouter une note et faire connaître votre demande.

Promote your business pages by inviting your contacts to follow your page.

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