How to download free royalty-free music on SoundCloud?

It is not often easy to find royalty-free music on the various platforms that offer multimedia content, including SoundCloud. With so many licensing laws and the desire to monetize their production, content creators keep their creation under copyright. Music licensing can be very confusing, especially for people who want to either find or publish royalty-free content if they really don't know how. On SoundCloud, right free content exists. You can even download them starting with search for royalty-free musicand then target the music you want and finally the download taking into account desired format. In the following article, in addition to the different ways to find free music on SoundCloudWe will detail the steps to follow for the download.

Is it possible to download free royalty-free music on SoundCloud?

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SoundCloud is a really useful download site for both professional and novice musicians. On this site, it is possible to find a wide range of music. In particular, the free ones as well as the ones that are not free of rights. In this case, it is important to know how to identify the copyrighted music from the others in order to avoid prosecuting the use of other people's property rights.

Some songs on SoundCloud are protected.

Admittedly, not all songs are copyrighted on this platform. This platform allows users to upload music with a wide range of conditions. Music on SoundCloud can fit a variety of licenses, including those that grant copyright to the creator of the music.

As a user of the platform, it is important to know that not all tracks on SoundCloud are protected. That said, it is highly likely that you will come across protected music, especially since content creators usually use this platform to monetize their various creations. That said, you should be very careful during the process of downloading the music or you may end up downloading non-free tracks.

Not all music is protected on SoundCloud

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As mentioned above, it is possible to find free tracks on this platform. However, in SoundCloud's music library, you can also find completely free music. These are therefore not under any kind of license. As a user of the platform, it is therefore important that you take the time to distinguish between free music on music sites such as SoundCloud before making any downloads.

Note that you cannot be entirely sure that the music you have found is completely free of copyright. It is indeed possible that someone with bad intentions puts music belonging to another content creator online in his music catalog. While this risk cannot be excluded, it should not be overestimated. Indeed, it is unlikely that such an event will occur. However, this is not a reason to think that it can never happen. The best thing to do is to take the necessary steps to avoid such a situation. The ultimate solution is simply to find specific tips on how to easily find free pieces of the licensed ones.

How to find royalty-free music on SoundCloud?

There are so many techniques to find royalty-free music on SoundCloud. They differ from each other and to use them, it is very important to understand how they work. That said, in this section you will see the various indispensable tricks to use to distinguish royalty-free audio files on this music bank that is SoundCloud.

Search for "Royalty Free

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Among the free platforms, SoundCloud appears in the ranks of those that do not yet have search filters. Despite this, this licensed music site offers a very simple way to search by category for good free music and download it easily. This is done by searching directly on the platform. To take advantage of this method, simply go to the platform and perform your search. As soon as this is done, a batch of results will appear. You can sort it into one of the following categories:

  • All ;
  • Tracks;
  • Albums ;
  • People;
  • Reading lists;
  • SoundCloud GO+ tracks.

No matter what category or style of music you're looking for, be sure to insert "royalty free". This in your search terms to avoid infringing on the rights of the author and to quickly find legitimate royalty-free music content. Also, be aware that there is free music that is not explicitly labeled. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with CC licenses if you have not yet done so.

Filtering for music under CC license

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Filtering music by license on SoundCloud is in no way complex. First, you need to click on the "Tracks" category in your search results on this platform. This action will bring up a sub-menu below. This one is called "Filter Results". It has another submenu with the Copyright symbol next to it. Just click on it to access the different license permissions.

Use of specialized channels for royalty-free music

Like YouTube, the electronic music download platform SoundCloud also has channels that specialize in the distribution of royalty-free music, which is therefore completely free. To download such tracks, you don't have to worry anymore. Simply go to the platform and access one of the dedicated channels. Once this is done, search for the music you want to download. As soon as it appears, you can save it directly to your music library.

Find royalty-free music with keywords

Another way to find royalty-free music on SoundCloud is simply to search for it using keywords. This is of course done through a filtering process of the results. This is done with the ultimate goal of keeping only the answers concerning the music you upload without infringing the copyrights of the content creators of this platform. It is possible to start searches with an extremely wide scope. For example, you can use a keyword that evokes a particular style of music such as Pop or Rock.

Contacting content creators directly

Although these cases are quite rare, it is possible to contact the content producer directly to obtain his authorization. He can then give you the authorization to use his production free of charge or in exchange for a service or a remuneration according to your desires.

The counterparty can be in different forms. For example, you can offer to quote him or to provide a link to his website or to a YouTube page, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. This possibility, it must be admitted, is a bit out of the context of royalty-free music. All the more so since it makes you a specific authorization.

Downloading itself: What to do?

Once the different ways to find free music on SoundCloud are given, it is now important to discuss the steps to follow to download them. First of all, we need to target the music we want to download from one of the methods given earlier. Once this is done, the next step will be to download the audio file. But before doing so, it is important to convert the content.

There are many different techniques for converting files. Most often, the one that works is to use software to perform the downloads. That said, there are several programs available. One of the best is KlickAud. This is an online application that allows you to recover all the music tracks in MP3 format.

On the one hand, it allows you to get more visibility on social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and others. In addition to downloading free songs in MP3 format, you can also use it for other purposes.

Develop your visibility on SoundCloud if you are a creator of music on this platform

More and more content creators have a burning desire to stand out on media upload platforms like SoundCloud. For the latter, there are as many methods to exploit to achieve this goal. Among them is SocialBlast. The latter is a specific platform that plays different roles. On the one hand, it allows you to get more visibility on social networks, including FacebookInstagram, TikTok and others. It also allows to promote your music content on SoundCloud and boost the visibility of multimedia content on platforms dedicated to such content. This can be YouTube for example.

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SoundCloud is one of the platforms offering royalty-free music. To download these, you must necessarily find them beforehand. To do so, there are many methods. They are easy to use. As soon as you find the right royalty-free music, you can now proceed to download it. On the other hand, if you want to develop the visibility of your content on this platform or any social network, you can use Socialblast.


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