How to get comments on SoundCloud?

The SoundCloud streaming platform has over 175 million users with an average of 76 million monthly active users. It brings together a large community of committed music lovers in over 190 countries. Whether you are an independent artist or a signed artist, you have the best chance of success. Indeed, there is a target audience just waiting for upload to SoundCloud your music projects on their mobile device. To do this, you need to engage your audience and get them to interact with your profile

How do you create interaction on your SoundCloud account when you first start? What are the factors to get the most comments and good visibility? In this post, you will discover the best strategies to get comments on Soundcloud.

Create quality content for SoundCloud users 

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From million users are connected to SoundCloud around the world. As aindependent artist, it is up to you to create original content that meets the musical expectations of the target audience. This way, you will receive feedback, and you will have more listening on Soundcloud.

To create quality content for your listeners, you need to use professional equipment to record your voice and music. Then, you need to be audible and identify with the musical style they are looking for in order to make them want to listen to you. For this, you can do remixes, live sessions, with unique compositions. The followers of SoundCloud are used to listening to multiple artists, so you'll need a touch of originality to stand out. You will get positive feedback and convert hundreds of users into loyal fans

Finally, make the presentation of your SoundCloud tracks with artists' posters.  The description of your musical project must be eye-catching to attract users' interest and increase your target audience. There are other methods to get more plays on SoundCloud. 

Interact with other music enthusiasts 

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The best strategy for building a community is to pay attention to others so that they do the same. The platforms of streaming like SoundCloud brings together a large community of music lovers. You can interact by liking their works, give your opinion in the comments. 

Next, integrate SoundCloud groups that share the same focus as your music genre. Indeed, groups are a great way to target and create a fan base. By commenting on and sharing other users' posts, they will take the same actions on your music posts. People love it when you pay attention to them and meet their expectations. This is what SoundCloud fans appreciate.  

Finally, when you publish, invite SoundCloud users to take a look at the at a glance and comment on your posts. Also make sure you always reply to them and if possible do polls to get as much feedback and engagement as possible. This way, overnight, you will find yourself at hundreds of comments. If you want to keep up appearances, you have the option ofremove comments on SoundCloud to filter out some negative reviews. 

Use relevant hashtags and keywords on your posts 

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Hashtags allow you to be referenced on given themes when you evolve on the social media like SoundCloud. Often, when a user wants to search for a song, he types keywords in the search bar. These are the keywords you should use in your description followed by the hashtags. For example, if you do rap or rnb, it should look like this: #rap, #rnb. You can add other keywords like #singer, #song, #hip-hop, #soul, #dark, etc. This variation of hashtags allows the algorithm to expand the organic reach and bring you visibility.  

To find the best hashtags, there are online tools adapted for social networks that generate keywords according to your niche. On the other hand, there is another option which is to look for the hashtags. The maneuver is to consult the profile of other users to analyze and select keywords. Select, because it is not enough to use all the hashtags you find. Indeed, some keywords are too competitive and this will not allow you to position yourself better. Because, you will find yourself at the bottom of the search results. 

In addition, hashtags can be used when commenting on your Soundcloud followers' posts. 

Promote your SoundCloud profile 

SoundCloud is a reference platform for the promotion of musical projects. However, focusing all your communication strategy on it to get comments limits you, especially when you are just starting out. The best thing to do is to diversify your promotional channels using the power of social networks and blogs. But first, make sure you optimize your account by adding a profile photo, a banner for SoundCloud and all other necessary information. 

Social networks 

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, are excellent communication levers to reach a large number of people. The buzz, the trends, the challenges become more viral. You can create an optimized page whose main objective will be to make people discover you. When you publish on these promotional channels, add the link of your SoundCloud song for free download. This action will generate traffic to your Soundcloud account. This will contribute to the Boost of comments.

The blogs 

The second option is to attract the attention of bloggers who communicate about new talent. They regularly create content to feed their blogs. It is even possible to pay some of them to write a few articles about you. For example, write a biography or talk about your latest projects, your visions. If the blog has a large audience, it will impact the evolution of the streaming of your records.

Participate in online events

Online events are included in content creation. The particularity of this type of content is that its impact generates more engagement around your activity. Here are some examples of events you can organize: live sessions, challenges, virtual concerts.

Live session 

Live sessions are a great opportunity to talk to your community. This can be in the form of a live interview where you answer questions that are asked of you. It is also a way to get to know the human you are beyond the status of artist. In addition, you can make demos by composing a song live, show your daily life, share your challenges.  

The challenges 

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Organizing challenges often serves as a marketing strategy to give a new project a buzz. As a challenge, you can ask your active subscribers to perform the song or choreograph it. Then they should post it on their profile. The more people will see it on stories or whatever, the more they will adopt it as a good music. And that's how you can occupy a place in the tracklist of the latter. Now you should think about rewarding the winners of the challenge with a gift. It can be a signing, a free pass for your next events, or a surprise visit. Be creative to make it sensational. 

Virtual concert 

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Virtual concerts are very popular today. The COVID period proved it and even after that, stars regularly organize them to be heard on the other side of the world. Unlike live sessions and challenges, the virtual concert is an event in its own right that deserves a good preparation. In this case, you need a strong communication beforehand. Finally, when everything is ready, give a good performance and get them to express their emotions in the comments. 

Collaborate with other actors 

Evolving on your own efforts will be difficult. Therefore, seek partnerships with other artists by finding a focus that would facilitate collaborations. This may not be artists who do the same kind of music as you. Besides, it would be best to conquer other niches to increase your popularity. For example, you can think about collaborating with DJs, beatmakers, singers if you are a rapper or, vice versa. 

There are also actors who do not necessarily do the same thing as you, but who can influence your success.

Buy Soundcloud Reviews

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In short, to get comments on Soundcloud, you just have to optimize your profile and publish content regularly. Then, it is necessary to vary the communication channels to widen the reach of your musical projects. On the one hand, organizing events in partnership with other actors contributes largely to attract traffic to your account to boost the number of comments per day. On the other hand, use the services of the best online platforms that generate new listeners and comments on your SoundCloud profile. 

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