How to upload to SoundCloud

More and more people want to stand out on social platforms, including SoundCloud. The latter is a network specifically designed to publish audio content to allow many people to distinguish themselves from their competitors. It should be noted that SoundCloud is an easy to use platform and is free.

In order to upload on SoundCloud There is an essential procedure to follow. First of all, note that this platform is not compatible with all browsers and you must also create an account before using it. Via this article, we will give you the necessary tips to upload on SoundCloud and quickly get more visibility.

Why upload to SoundCloud?

upload to SoundCloud

Soundcloud is a virtual space for audio distribution. It allows users to promote, collaborate and distribute on many musical projects. This platform is accessible to everyone and we inform you that when you become one of the users, you get many advantages.

SoundCloud allows you to be present on many digital platforms

If you don't know, then we'll tell you. It is essential for any content creator to be present on social networks. Especially since it is this presence that allows you to have some visibility and therefore enjoy the benefits that come with it. For example, if you are very visible on social networks, it allows you to increase your audience. This last one will allow you to stand out from your possible competitors. Soundcloud has millions of users and legions of visitors. What constitutes a not negligible audience.

The Soundcloud platform will promote your musical projects. It offers a unique visibility essentially directed towards the music. In fact, it will put forward your various musical projects. Moreover, this site specialized in the promotion and the diffusion of musical projects offers an interaction between the people who follow your tasks, notably those who comment your publications and the likes. What is even more interesting about Soundcloud is that this platform allows you to export mini-players that group your tracks. This way, it will be easier to integrate them on your personal site.

Evolve in your musical project

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Soundcloud is also a communication tool that allows you to advance in your musical project. Like other social networks, this platform ensures the promotion to a varied audience. It takes care of the diffusion of the various pieces that you produce.

If you are looking for a virtual space that can allow you to post your productions and at the same time encourage users to view it, then Soundcloud is your ultimate solution.

Finally, this free platform is ideal if you are looking for the cheapest way to make yourself known to the general public. Also note that your fans can download your different publications directly. This shows that your music is liked and that many people are ready to consume it. It is also an ideal way to know how many people will be ready to buy your different music.

So if you're not using Soundcloud yet, here are the requirements you need to meet in order to get started and if that still doesn't seem clear enough, check out our ultimate guide to get more playback on soundcloud.

What are the conditions to upload on Soundcloud?

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To upload your musical productions on Soundcloud, you must respect many criteria. First of all, we inform you that it can happen that you encounter some difficulties if you don't know how to do it. Fortunately, we are going to give you some tips to make your task easier.

First of all, you must check the compatibility of your browsers and operating systems. Indeed, if they are old versions, your browsers and operating systems will not allow you to upload. For this reason, we recommend that you use powerful software and applications such as Google Chrome to enjoy a better experience on SoundCloud. There are however some older versions of browsers that SoundCloud supports. These include Chrome 42, Firefox 38, Safari 6 and others.

SoundCloud does not support all files. It only supports a few, and this based on some specific criteria. The maximum size of a file to upload must not exceed 5 GB. As for the maximum duration, it is set at 6 hours and 45 minutes. Beyond these characteristics, you will not be able to upload your file. However, it is possible to divide the content into split downloads. By doing so, you will manage to succeed in your operation.

Finally, SoundCloud offers packages that each have their own download allowance. You can be a free user or a pro user. In either case, you have the possibility to upload content. Only that the download times are different. That said, the user can Upload A total of 180 minutes while a pro will be entitled to double, ie 360 minutes.

Uploading on SoundCloud: the different steps to follow

upload to soundcloud 02

Whether you are a free user or a pro, it doesn't matter on SoundCloud. Everyone, regardless of their status, can indeed upload their tracks on this platform to get more visibility.

First of all, please note that the uploads are only possible on the web. In other words, you can only download your titles via a computer, otherwise your operation will not be successful. By starting the download, you agree to respect the terms of use. With this clarification, here are the different steps you need to follow to upload to SoundCloud.

Create an account

Creating a business account on SoundCloud is not only very easy, but also completely free. To do so, simply go to Once you're on the site's homepage, click on the "create an account" option and then fill in your details.

Here you will specifically need an e-mail address and a password. Please do not give your data to third parties under any circumstances. They must remain confidential. It is also possible to register via Facebook or via a Google account.

Opt for a subscription plan

upload to soundcloud 03

On SoundCloud, you will be entitled to three different types of subscription. The first one is the free subscription. It offers you the possibility to easily upload your first tracks and increase your audience. After creating your profile, of course. Apart from these subscriptions, there are the pro subscriptions. These receive specific features, more download time, opportunities to increase visibility and other benefits.

The pro subscriptions come in two forms. The first one is the pro subscription while the second one is the unlimited pro subscription. The unlimited pro in addition to all the features of the pro benefits from an unlimited download space. We strongly advise you to opt for the latter type of subscription, i.e. the unlimited pro; you also have the possibility ofcancel a SoundCloud subscription in class very easily.

Upload File

To upload the file from its storage location to SoundCloud, go to the platform's download page. You can access it by clicking on the "Download" button. This is located on the top navigation bar. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the page in question. There, click on "choose file to download". You can also drag and drop the file onto the screen.

Note that depending on the type of user you are, your subscription time will be deducted. That said, whether you are a pro or free user, you will see how many minutes you have left at the bottom of the download page. When your downloads exceed your available time, the tracks will remain hidden in your account.


As soon as you choose the file to upload, it will start downloading immediately. Be aware that the platform will transcode at the end that it is streamed on SoundCloud. If you want your followers to get the original version, then you can activate it manually by choosing the uploads for your track.

Insert or modify the information of the added track

When uploading the track to your SoundCloud account, you have the possibility to integrate additional information. This will allow users to quickly find your track when searching. Indeed, most of them rely on the search results and explore to find and identify a music channel. To this end, we recommend that you optimize your track. This will allow you to quickly reach a wider audience. Make sure your tracks are well indexed and easy to find. For this, the ultimate solution is to optimize your metadata. This is done by using strong titles, tags and descriptions.

Is it necessary to be visible on Soundcloud?

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It is essential to be visible on SoundCloud. Indeed, without visibility, you will not be able to have a good audience and to promote your musical productions. To this end, there are a few tips that we will give you to facilitate your task.

Use tags and insert a "Buy" link

One of the safest ways for other users to discover your productions is to tag your music. This way, when another user performs a search, the tags will quickly identify you. The more precise your tags are, the more visible your music will be. Also, do not try to diversify the musical genre along your project. The ideal would be to keep one. Also, if you have SoundCloud collaborators, you can also tag them and put their link in the track description.

SoundCloud is a site that allows you to sell your productions apart from the likes and listens you have. For this reason, it allows you to associate a "Buy" link to each track you upload on the platform. You will just have to click on the "Metadata" tab to do so.

Work well on the visual of the music track.

You may share your lead on a blog, Facebook, Youtube and elsewhere. If you have done this, then its visual will be there too. It is the eye-catching element that will attract users in the first position. So you need to make sure that it is perfect.

The visual of the track should stand out even before anyone clicks the "Play" button to play your song. In order for you to have more eye-catching renderings, always use "a PNG or JPG of at least 800 X 800 pixels".

Use private links

Private links are used to share your music in private. This gives it an exclusive and personal touch. This will allow it to reach a larger audience. The use of private links is ideal to share your tracks with collaborators, to communicate about your project with particular organizations and others. So how do you go about it?

This is very easy to do. First, you have to upload your track and set it to private mode. Save it afterwards, then go to your profile. There, click on the track you want to share privately, then press the "share" button. This is located under the track. You will get a private URL that corresponds only to your track. This is the one you will have to share with everyone you want to share it with. Moreover, Soundcloud gives you the possibility to reset the private link at any time.

You can change your track as much as you like. And the best part is that you will keep your likesyour fans as well as their various comments. This feature will be useful on several levels. For example, you can share a song that is not yet finished in order to get the opinions of your fans. From there, you will be able to improve the next version in order to satisfy the demand of all those who follow you.

SocialBlast, the ultimate platform to stand out on SoundCloud 

upload to soundcloud 05

Although SoundCloud has a system in place for increase visibility of uploaded content, this is not always enough. In order to guarantee you more visibility, there are many tools you can use. Among them, SocialBlast is the most efficient. Very simple to use, this application allows you to boost your visibility in record time on SoundCloud. So optimize your account and increase your fans and likes of your posts now. And that's not all. SocialBlast also offers you many other benefits.


It is very simple and easy, the procedure that allows you to upload on SoundCloud. In our development, we started from the reasons why you should use SoundCloud to SocialBlast, a tool that will allow you to be more visible. And we'll also explain the steps to follow in order to upload easily on SoundCloud.

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