An update on TikTok ads

As with other social media platforms, there is a paid advertising environment. Whereas before, you couldn't run TikTok ads and everything had to go through a representative of the company. You can now register and create your TikTok ads here:

TikTok Ads Manager
Creation of an advertising campaign on TikTok

All ads available on TikTok are in short video format. This makes perfect sense, as TikTok is a platform that is full of short videos, so all ads will be transparent to users. There are three different models that you can follow with TikTok ads, namely

  1. CPC (cost per click)
  2. CPM (cost per thousand impressions)
  3. CPV (Cost Per View, cost per view, where a view is at least 6 seconds long)

You can choose your audience based on age, gender, and location. Geo targeting allows you to target down to the region level in France. You can also select the interests of your target. You also have the option of retargeting your customers.

TikTok Ads Manager - Categories

Here are the four types of TikTok ads currently available:

Advertisements in Native mode

With this type of advertising, you need to decide how long your video will be from 5 to 15 seconds. You need to create a vertical format video as it will show up on your target audience's "For You" page. You can add a call to action, for example by downloading an app or visiting your website.

Hashtag Challenge Announcements

Hashtag challenges are very popular on TikTok, so it makes sense to create ads in this format. What you'll do here is encourage users to TikTok of your target audience to participate in a challenge focused on your brand or one of your products.

TikTok users really like to participate rather than taking a passive stance. So if you find the right hashtag challenge ad, you can expect some really good levels of engagement. These advertisements are broadcast for 6 days.

Advertising for the takeover of the brand

The brand buyout ad appears when a user first opens their TikTok app. She is literally at the center of the screen. You can use this type of advertising to send a user to internal content or lead them to your website.

Brand buyback announcements are permitted by category. Only one advertiser can use this type of advertisement for a category each day. We anticipate that these ads will become TikTok's most expensive in the future due to their limited availability.

Announcing the brand objective

If you opt to advertise branded lenses, you will be able to use face filters, 3D objects, and more. Applying the right lens branding can provide a lot of engagement on the platform, so it's definitely worth considering.

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