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There are many review sites available to online shoppers, but Trustpilot is one of the most popular. Trustpilot is a great resource for customers, as it offers verified reviews and allows shoppers to compare prices between different stores. These review engines help you choose the most reliable and suitable site from many suggestions, depending on the service you are looking for.

If you are looking for alternatives to Trustpilot, we have listed here the best ones that are able to meet your expectations. These include Feefo, ReviewTrackers, ReviewSnap, BirdEye, Sitejabber, LocalSiren and Trustmary.

What is Trustpilot and why is it popular among online shoppers?

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Trustpilot is a review site that offers verified customer reviews. This means that shoppers can trust Trustpilot's reviews to be accurate and helpful. Trustpilot also allows shoppers to compare prices between different stores, making it a convenient resource for customers looking for the best deals.

How does Trustpilot work?

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Trustpilot works by allowing customers to leave reviews about their experiences with businesses. These reviews are then verified by Trustpilot to ensure that they are accurate and helpful. Customers can also use Trustpilot to compare prices between different stores. Anyone who has had a shopping or service experience in the past 12 months can submit a review for free, as long as they have a Trustpilot user account.

Also, they must respect the terms of use for reviewers and not have a conflict of interest with the company they are reviewing. Keep in mind that all reviews about a business are posted on the wall of the profile page. This is where consumers can read and write reviews. At the same time, they can find other relevant information about the company, such as the overall TrustScore and Star Rating.

What are the alternatives to Trustpilot?

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There are many evaluation sites that are capable of being alternatives to trustpilot. Let's explore together the best ones in terms of quality of service.


Cloud-basedSitejabber is a business review platform that enables brands to manage their influence in the marketplace. This is done by collecting, monitoring and sharing reviews related to the company as well as the products. This platform provides features such as automatic review requests, review widgets. As well as marketing and social media sharing tools in order to spread positive reviews and create a reliable influence for their brand. 

You also have the ability to manage and retain negative reviews, while resolving issues with customers before negative reviews become known. Sitejabber allows businesses to promote themselves through customer review collection and management tools. Users leverage testimonials on social networks to increase traffic and sales. Also, it allows them to improve customer retention and loyalty.

 The Cloud Platform allows firms to present their reviews online using review widgets, which can be displayed on the product pages of the said firm's website. This can be done at checkout, during the advertising campaign, etc. Reviews can also be integrated into marketing content and social media campaigns to enhance brand reputation.

Recipients can create a Sitejabber list page where reviews are collected and made public in order to enhance the referencing and generate leads additional. Note that Sitejabber is an official Google Review partner that allows businesses to generate Google stars via reviews.

Yellow Page 

Yellow page is a renowned site for finding any store or business at any time of the day or night. Through its application The Real Yellow Page, it stands out from other sites thanks to its easy and convenient accessibility. This tool is perfect for instantly locating those services that you might want to come to later. 

Note, of course, that these are businesses that affiliate with Yellow Page to increase their visibility. In this tool, you will find the location, schedule, services and prices of more than 20 million businesses. The main role of this tool is to boost the visibility of businesses on the Web. It also improves their local referencing without reducing their budget. 

In addition, companies can increase their web presence for free on this platform. The platform is also open to structures that do not have enough funds to build a professional quality website. They can then register in order to benefit from a quality service. This could allow them to attract potential customers at a reduced price. 

Yellow Page is a real asset for companies that want to improve their reputation, because let's not forget that visits to the platform generally lead to purchases.   

Google My Business

Launched in 2014, the Google My Business service allows businesses toimprove their visibility on Google which is the world leader in search engines. This platform is free, you just need to have your professional Gmail account to create your account.

Google My Business is much more adapted for small and medium-sized businesses. It allows you to create the identity card of your company for free and to have a digital communication space very visible on the Google result to indicate your schedules, possible customer reviews ...,

With Google My Business, you have the possibility to communicate in real time on the activity of your company and thus, optimize your visibility and your local referencing. It remains a guarantee for the company to emerge 1st in the search results. 

Your Google business page can be updated at any time according to your news. Regarding the Google business page, it is responsive design, so the reading of information is optimized on all media (computers and mobile devices). 


Feefo is a cloud software designed to manage consumer reviews and ratings. It allows you to collect, manage and respond to comments of Internet users. Feefo's interface provides integration tools such as an API and an application Facebook for sharing on social networks such as Facebook, Shopify, WooCommerce and Google.

Note that all reviews and ratings are hosted by the software, but can be integrated and displayed on your own website. Various customization options such as displaying percentage ratings, star ratings and text are included.

Also, in addition to highlighting reviews and ratings directly on your website, next to products or wherever you want, you can also provide review data to Google. This is with the ultimate goal of having a number of stars displayed for your product in the Google search results pages.

This software is available on a monthly subscription basis with the possibility of accessing a trial. It is intended mainly for self-employed entrepreneurs, small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and also for large companies. It is available in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Also, it is only available in English.


ReviewTrackers is the most widely used software for reputation management and customer reviews. We estimate that nearly 40,000 companies trust ReviewTrackers completely.

You have, with this software, to monitor the facebook reviewTripAdvisor, Google and over 100 other online customer review sites. Centralize with this software, all review data in one application. You can request reviews via simple and above all user-friendly campaigns by SMS or also by e-mail. You also have access to a technology machine learning to learn from customer reviews. Get award-winning customer support, API access and automation, and instant alerts on reviews from ReviewTrackers.

You have a trial option and the possibility to purchase a subscription. It is available in Andorra, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla and also in more than 170 other countries.


This software is a web-based solution for performance management. It allows human resources personnel or business owners to optimize the evaluation process. It offers small businesses enterprise level performance management functionality at a low price as a cloud-based SaaS product. You would benefit from a powerful platform, yet very simple to use and easy to learn.

From this software, you get a robust set of features for automating your review process once a year or on the anniversary date. It comes with tracking utilities, notifications, reminders, custom workflow and language compliance. Likewise, you have unlimited templates, electronic signatures, plus a host of more advanced features to upgrade and automate your performance review process.

For over 1,200 clients, the goal is to streamline your assessment process and improve employee and company performance.


BirdEye is an online reputation management tool. It was built specifically to help businesses of all sizes collect, market and monitor customer reviews. This is possible thanks to the feedback management, social listening and real-time analytics technology. This software also supports a native application for iOS and, at the same time, for Android.

With detailed company listings and dynamic content, BirdEye helps users improve their online presence and SEO. Data optimization ensures that critical information such as name, address and phone number is automatically updated with a large number of global partners. Partners include Google, Facebook and Bing. Dynamic content allows users to enrich their lists with interesting videos, photos and menus. In addition, the tool Analyze your business allows users a prompt presentation of their online reputation by displaying listings, reviews and ratings on multiple sites.The monitoring system Review allows users to interact in real time with customers from the centralized dashboard. You have the ability to receive real-time alerts via email or SMS when a review is posted about your business. These social listening tools allow users to be aware of opinion trends and impactful social conversations. Thus, users are able to accurately measure survey responses with the help of NPS (Net promoter score).

The best review sites we recommend?

Best review sites

There are many review sites out there, but not all of them offer the same features or benefits. If you are looking for alternatives to Trustpilot and accurate and helpful customer reviews, review sites like Sitejabber,  Yellow Page and Google My Business can be very good choices.

On the other hand, SocialBlast offers you solutions for even more reviews in favor of your companies and also your products. If you want to promote your visibility and grow your audience on social networks, SocialBast with these different products is the ultimate solution. 


Get more Reviews to galvanize your reputation with your prospects. And this in a very short time. So you have the opportunity to:

  • Improve your ranking;
  • Make your account more popular by getting new TrustPilot Reviews from everywhere;
  • Achieve greater visibility without effort.                          

In addition, SocialBlast offers you countless custom solutions to make your life on social networks easier. You can now visit our page.


Here are the best software that will allow you to promote your business on the internet through the reviews that your customers leave after each service offer. By choosing one of these platforms, you will be able to gain the trust of Internet users and thus increase the traffic on your website or promote the activities of your company.

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