Twitter will no longer be a 100% free platform

Twitter has long been a fairly simple platform. No paid subscriptions, no groups or communities, just people tweeting (and mostly arguing) about everything imaginable.

But in earnings reports earlier this year, mention of a superior product was dropped. And while there's still no word on editable tweets, the announcements Twitter yesterday Twitter Analyst Day

Here is what happened :

  • Twitter will add features like Patreon, Substack, Facebook and Twitch . There are two main updates here. First, people will be able to charge their followers – with something called a Super Follow – to give them access to additional content. Then people will also be able to create and join interest groups.
  • Super Follows are flexible. People can offer paid subscriptions to newsletters, communities, tweets, etc. If you're a creator on Twitter , your monetization options have just gone through the roof.

This is the biggest update we've seen from Twitter in a long time. Twitter 's monetization options . And, fortunately for marketers, they're quite flexible – it seems creators can choose their own prices and the perks they offer Twitter followers .

This marks the end of an era for Twitter , the long-standing public and free platform. This update opens up the possibility of exploring new horizons, whether you are a marketer or a creator.

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