How to turn off restricted mode on YouTube

For the past few years, YouTube has been the most used video platform in the world for various content searches. It is therefore a social network managed by all types of users. In other words, adults, young people and children have access to YouTube. However, for reasons of standards and sensitivity, especially related to children, the platform has integrated its system of restricted mode.

When it is activated, some adult content cannot be viewed. In this case, how can we deactivate the restricted mode to be able to access all types of videos? This is the question that this article will focus on. We will show you the solutions that allow you to disable the restricted mode on your different media, namely: computer and mobile devices.

What is the restricted mode on YouTube?

Disabling restricted mode on YouTube
Parental control is from the restricted mode to be deactivated on the platform

Simply put, Restricted Mode is a feature that takes care of hiding adult content and information as much as possible. In other words, it has the ability to make content invisible that the platform itself considers inappropriate for some of these users. And this, without the user knowing that such features have been activated.

Thus, based on the categories by which YouTube allows clips to be reported, we can state that said inappropriate continuity has to do with what illustrates sexual themes. We also have, acts of violence or acts referring to repulsive, dangerous and harmful activities. However, it should be noted that this YouTube configuration is not completely foolproof. Videos that are deemed inappropriate often manage to avoid this filter.

To achieve the restriction of certain content, the platform uses various indicators. These are based on the title, description, age restrictions, clip metadata and also other factors. This, of course, is to identify the user and restrict the content for adults, as far as possible.

What are the reasons to disable the restricted mode on YouTube?

Restricted mode on YouTube to enjoy unlimited YouTube
For a better experience on YouTube, you should disable the restricted mode of your account

As you might have read a little earlier, YouTube's restricted mode on certain content does not allow access to all the video content actually available on the platform. But it should be remembered that this is normally only aimed at children.

 It can be a case where the viewing support is that of a user eligible to follow any type of content. In this case, it is important to disable the restricted mode to get results for all your searches on the platform. This is therefore possible to do without much complacency. The steps to follow to deactivate the restricted mode are simple and practical.

How to disable the restricted mode on YouTube?

To manage to disable the restricted mode on YouTube does not necessarily require a certain knowledge in computer science or in any other field. We will make it easy for you through the different methods explained in the following article. We will start from the solutions that allow you to disable the restricted mode from your computer, and on your mobile devices.

How to disable the restricted mode on YouTube from your computer?

Disable restricted mode on youtube from your computer

Don't worry! It's not at all complicated to do. Just follow the steps that we will try to detail step by step in the following lines.

  • Access the official YouTube website from your favorite web browser. If you are already logged in with your account, your homepage will open instantly. Otherwise, you need to log in with your email and password at the same time. This is done by clicking on the Parameters.
  • Scroll down the configuration screen to the last part where you will find a box that prints Restricted mode. Right now; click on said drop-down list and you will notice that a small section will also open at the bottom.
  • Then you will see that the box Yes is checked. This means that the restricted mode on YouTube has been previously activated. You should then press the box that says Noand then click on save.

In addition to this, it is important to remember that once you have clicked on Register, you must also close the tab to open the platform again. This will reset the cache of the social network and in addition to that, the videos that were in restricted mode will already be displayed in your searches freely.

Also, if you set the restricted mode in your browser, it will persist even when you log out of the YouTube account. Unless you log into your Google account and allow yourself to disable it from there.

How to disable the restricted mode on YouTube from the mobile application?

Disable restricted mode on YouTube from your mobile

In this case, you must perform the procedure from the mobile application of the video content platform. This is the case whether it is a Android or iOS device.

Let's go step by step to disable the restricted mode feature on YouTube.

  • Start by opening the platform directly from the icon of your application. It is identified by a white triangle with a red background. If you are already logged in with your account, the home page will open automatically. If not, you will have to press the profile icon and at this moment, touch the option Connection to do so with your email and password.
  • Then, press the icon of your profile that is located in the upper right part of the terminal screen. Once you have opened the drop-down menu, you will have to click on the option Parameters or Configurationwhich is identified by the gear icon.
  • Once the previous steps have been followed to the letter, among all the options displayed, access the one called General. Remember that this is only possible if you are using a mobile or a tablet Android. Otherwise, skip this step of the deactivation procedure.
  • Now you will have the option to restricted mode among the latest selections. As you might have noticed, the switch it contains is grey, which indicates that it is blue. This means that it is activated. Therefore, you must switch the switch to disable the restricted mode feature on YouTube.

Now you need to close the mobile application and reopen it the next few seconds. After that, you will find that there are many restricted videos on the platform, depending on their content.

Can I still disable the restricted mode on YouTube? If not, how do you go about it?

Unfortunately, it can happen that despite all attempts to disable the restricted mode on YouTube that it does not work. This is due to various reasons that you will discover in the following article. Besides, we will try to find a suitable solution to your problem by different methods.

Reasons why the restricted mode on YouTube does not turn off

There are several reasons why you still can't disable the restricted mode on YouTube. This is despite using all the conventional means explained earlier in this article. Let's list some possible reasons:

  • The restricted mode is activated by a network administrator;
  • Your recently installed browser extension could be the cause of the problem;
  • You are facing network restrictions;
  • You have account restrictions;

Based on these causes, we have put together some solutions to achieve the disabling of the restricted mode on YouTube.

The different methods to disable the restricted mode on YouTube

Follow with great attention the methods to provide a solution that can help you finally disable the restricted mode on YouTube.

Method 1: Restart your connection device

Temporary errors on your device may well be the reason why the restricted mode does not want to turn off. It is easy to fix temporary errors. All you have to do is restart the device. Of course, this applies to all your media. Whether you use a mobile device, or a computer, try this method.

Method 2: Remove or disable new add-ons from your browser

If the problem occurs after installing a new add-on on your browser, it could be the author of the problem. In this case, you should disable this add-on or simply remove it. Then check if the problem is solved.

Method 3: Check your account restrictions

If you are using a computer at a school, university or other public institution, the restricted mode on YouTube must be enabled by the administrator. In this case, you must ask the administrator to deactivate the restricted mode.

Method 4: Clear the web browser cache

Some users fix the problem by clearing their browser cache. Try to do it yourself. If you are using chrome, follow the procedure below to clear your cache:

  • Start by opening your chrome browser;
  • Click on your profile picture, then press Parameters ;
  • Click on Privacy and security in the left menu, then on empty the navigation data.
  • Click on Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files.
  • Now select the button Empty the data.

That's it! You can now resume the deactivation process.

Method 5: Clear the cache of the YouTube application itself

You also have the option of clearing the cache of the YouTube application. To do this, proceed as follows.

  • Take a tour in Settings > Applications ;
  • Search for the YouTube application and press it;
  • Then select Storage;
  • Then, on empty the cache ;
  • Now restart your cell phone;
  • Turn off restricted mode on YouTube again from your mobile device;

Method 6: Check your network restrictions

Go to  to check the restrictions on YouTube on your network.

Method 7: Reinstall the YouTube application

If the previously presented methods do not help you solve the problem, on your mobile device, consider reinstalling the YouTube application. Then, check if you can now disable the restricted mode without difficulty.

Above we have presented some solutions to use when you cannot disable the restricted mode on YouTube. We hope you will find a method that suits you.

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Finally, let's remember that the restricted mode is an optional setting of YouTube that allows you to exclude content that is supposed to be reserved for an informed public. Thus, it is activated and prevents certain content from appearing. However, there are several ways to deactivate the restricted mode of Youtube to access the results of all our searches on the platform. Throughout this article, we have presented you with ways to disable the restricted mode, regardless of the cause of the activation. All this from your different devices: computer and on your mobile devices.

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