Snapchat sees spectacular growth in Q1 2020

Snapchat recently published its first quarterly report for the year 2020 and the least we can say is that confinement succeeded rather well on the social networkL. The number of active users is above forecasts made by specialists, as are the revenues recorded by the firm.

Revenues up 44%

Success for Snapchat . With its first quarterly report for the year 2020, the social network reveals figures showing sharply increasing growth. First, we learn that the platform now has 11 million active users on a daily basis . As for the number of monthly active users, this rises to 229 million , or 20% more than in 2019. Also , the average revenue per user (ARPU) was 2.02 dollars , compared to 1.87 dollars. expected. Snapchat user brought in an average of $1.68 for the firm.

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