How to Stream on Twitch in 12 Steps

Streaming on Twitch can be very difficult for beginners, but don't worry! We've put together 12 easy steps to help you understand how to get started on Twitch .

Prerequisites to know how to stream on Twitch

– Make sure your PC is connected to the Internet via Ethernet cable or wirelessly. If you're using WiFi, make sure it's strong enough for high-quality streaming (at least 15 mbps). Use this tool if you are unsure about your download speed – SpeedTest .net.

Also check that no other devices are using bandwidth in your home by running a quick scan with OpenWrt and checking the status page. Full instructions can be found here – How to configure a network traffic monitor on Linux with MRTG or Cacti/RRDtool

– Connect your webcam directly to the computer's USB port, do not use an extension like the one shown above unless absolutely necessary

Most USB webcams work without needing drivers, but if you need to install them, do so before trying to stream.

Step 1: Install Twitch Streaming Software

The first step in streaming is to install a program called OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). It will allow you to launch a live on Twitch . Go to the website and download it for Windows or Mac. It's free !

Once installed, open the software and select “File” then “Settings” Then click on “Stream” and fill in all the relevant information such as platform (PC), server location (the one that best matches your your location) and any additional information about you that will help viewers recognize you when they look at you. Once you are finished, click “OK”

Now we need video settings – make sure the video adapter and resolution match that of your display. If you are using a laptop, it may be the display adapter.

Once everything is set up, go to the Twitch app and click “Stream”, then “Start Streaming” You will be able to view your stream on Twitch from your screen – good job! Viewers can now watch your every gameplay moment. Congratulations!

Step 2: Set up your microphone to stream on twitch

When you stream gameplay from your favorite video games on Twitch , people expect to hear both the audio streams and the video streams. This means that acquiring a microphone is an important step in setting up broadcast

You have two options: use a built-in mic or computer speakers + built-in mic, or buy a new headset with a built-in mic (if possible). The first option will not seem very professional to you, but the audio quality will be enough to show off your game

Once you've set up a mic, test it out so viewers can hear what you're saying! It is important that they understand everything without problems. If your mic and speakers have no sound issues, this step is complete – well done! You've done well (so far).

Step 3: Set up lighting for your Twitch stream

This step may not seem essential to your stream yet, but when people start watching you regularly, they'll notice if something is wrong with the presentation of their favorite video games on Twitch .

Lighting isn't meant to make things prettier or more aesthetically pleasing (although some would argue otherwise), rather it helps create clarity when streaming. If you're streaming in a dark room, with only the light from your screen and nothing else to illuminate you or what's happening in front of the camera (in this case, usually a game), the image will be very dull.

Lighting doesn't need to be complicated – just add a few lights near where your computer is so that when you're streaming on Twitch , they provide more ambient lighting than your computer. screen. It may seem simple, but it makes all the difference!

Step 4: Add transitions between your Twitch gaming sessions

When people watch Twitch streams, they want something different all the time and don't want to get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. This is why we recommend that you add small animations or funny clips at appropriate moments which will make the live more interesting for the spectators

If you don't have video editing skills, there are many free tools on YouTube that can help you with this step. You just need to find one! Not only do transitions add variety and interest, they also prevent your gaming session from being monotonous or boring, which is important for keeping your viewers interested in your Twitch stream.

Once you've finished adding all the necessary elements (game session + transitions), consider recording a few fun clips or short videos at different times of the day, when no one is watching your stream.

Upload them to YouTube so that, even when it's not live, subscribers still get their dose of entertainment by following your channel! Well done !

Step 5: Establish a schedule for your Twitch streams

If you plan to broadcast Twitch lives often. It is important to be able to give viewers an idea of ​​when the next session will be. You never know if someone might want to watch at that time or not, so having an organized schedule will ensure everyone's satisfaction

As we've mentioned before in this article (and probably many times), planning and organizing all kinds of events (e.g. gaming sessions) is crucial! Therefore, think about which times suit you best and choose accordingly.

If you're not sure, ask your viewers on social media or in chat to find out when they prefer. Over time, you will have a clear idea of ​​the times that work best for each individual for your Twitch streams.

If having a schedule is too much of a hassle for you and planning ahead isn't something that's easy or fun for you, we recommend not streaming at all. Everything takes getting used to and it may take longer than expected (remember: nothing is easy and Twitch is no exception), but once people start watching/following regularly, they will will no longer doubt your dedication and your work! You can do it !

Step 6: Configure Twitch Notifications

Setting up Twitch alerts allows people who follow your channel to receive alerts when something special happens on your stream.

To configure them correctly, go to Twitch , go to your dashboard and select “edit alerts” from the menu. There's nothing worse than going live on Twitch without letting your followers know what they can expect from you at that time versus other times of the day when things might happen differently! So start customizing notifications now.

Step 7: Create a Logo to Become the Perfect Twitch Streamer

Once you've completed these first steps, it's finally time to create a unique logo for you! The last thing anyone wants is another generic Twitch layout with no personality or effort. That said, don't overthink this part either – as long as you find something simple that shows who you are (for example, a gamer photo), you should be fine.

To create a logo, first think about what you want to convey. If you're still unsure or don't have any ideas, ask friends and family members for suggestions. Chances are they'll come up with a great idea!

But if the answer doesn't immediately come to mind after careful thought, don't worry! There are several free tools online that allow you to easily create logos without needing to be a design expert for example Canva or Crello.

Once you have finalized your logo (which shouldn't take you more than five minutes), use it everywhere: Twitch profile and your social networks, YouTube videos... and so on! This is important because viewers need to know who they're watching at all times, otherwise your visibility on Twitch will be diminished.

Step 8: Interact with the Twitch community

Whether through chat, voice chats or other means of communication. It’s important to engage and show appreciation to your audience during your Twitch stream.

The last thing you want is for people watching at home to feel left out because they're not getting enough attention from you on Twitch !

So be sure to respond to comments on your videos or otherwise as often as possible, even if it doesn't happen every time. This way everyone will have fun, whether they're there in person (which is unlikely) or just following along online via the Twitch :)

This is where Twitch alerts come in handy. Especially for people who have installed the Twitch application. By setting them up correctly, everyone who follows your channel will know when they can expect something interesting from you.

Step 9: Take breaks during your Twitch stream

Make sure your gaming session is followed by a short break (around 15 minutes). This will allow you to rest before returning to the game while keeping things interesting for the people watching at home.

It's important not to overdo it with streaming sessions, as this could have negative effects in the long run. Be careful ! After all, it’s not just about entertainment anymore – let’s hope all this hard work can make some money :)

Step 10: Always Stay Positive!

Your viewers want to see you happy and energetic, so don't let anything stop you from doing that. If you're feeling down and not in the mood to stream, don't do it! Instead, go play a game with friends.

Nothing is more discouraging to viewers than seeing someone who doesn't look like they want to be on camera

If this happens frequently or there's another reason that's making you feel less motivated (for example, your Internet connection is down), consider hiring an assistant who can take over while you deal with the issues. behind the scenes techniques 🙂

This may cost a little money but will definitely pay off in the long run because people are much more likely to listen to you when they know how things work here.

Step 11: Interact with other streamers and follow the right people on Twitch !

It's important to interact not only with viewers but also with other content creators, which means following channels whose streaming style is most similar to yours and vice versa.

This way you will learn a lot about what works well for others and how to improve even more!

To find new people or channels you might be interested in, we recommend checking out Streamer Finder.

If no such tool is available yet (or it doesn't work), try browsing YouTube from popular streamers. Often they have a section in the description that contains links to their Twitch . Step 12: Be yourself!

Don't try to copy someone else's style or personality, because you probably won't stand out.

Think about what makes you unique and find an audience that appreciates your quirks :) After all, it's not just about the audience

Twitch actually provides a great opportunity for people with similar interests to meet!

Don’t forget to check the “IRL” section on our homepage from time to time if you’re looking for something specific 😉

This way everyone will have fun, whether they are there in person (which is unlikely) or just following along online :)

This is where Twitch alerts come in handy. By setting them up correctly, everyone who follows your channel will know when they can expect something.

Step 12 (bonus): Have fun and start streaming on twitch !

After all, it's all about having a good time streaming, so feel free to have fun without having to travel. As long as you're having fun, the people watching at home will love it!

Congratulations ! Now you know how to stream on Twitch with these simple steps.

You just need a little patience and practice, but the more you stream, the better you'll get.

Keep in mind that people are watching your every move, so don't take it all too seriously, otherwise there's no point in doing live streams.

Overall, have fun and be yourself, because if no one can tell who you are, what's the point? Good luck !

Thanks for reading, and we hope this guide was helpful in learning how to stream on twitch .

Don't forget to continue your blog journey by checking out some of our other articles below!

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