How to post a video on Facebook ?

When it comes to sharing content on Facebook , it's essential to take a moment's thought to create something that stands out. Especially when it comes to posting a video to Facebook , some thought beforehand can create a powerful and memorable experience! Indeed, on this platform, there is a very large number of videos that are published per day. The main challenge is therefore to stand out from the crowd by uploading quality videos that meet the platform's requirements. To this end, you must: Publish short, impactful videos on Facebook , Add catchy subtitles, Add subtitles to your Facebook , Put a call to action for marketing videos, Make a native publication, Provide good information the data before publishing a video on Facebook , Integrate a thumbnail that calls for a click and Write a very good quality post to accompany the video to be published . If you want to learn more about how to publish a video that will allow you to reach a large audience, then continue reading this article.

Post short, impactful videos on Facebook

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Not all internet users spend enough time on social media. To do this, it is important to upload a video that can attract their attention. Statistics from numerous studies show that a human being has an estimated attention span of 8 seconds. This is the time you have to attract and send your message to your target.

The challenge you face is to create a video to publish on the social platform Facebook , to integrate visual content that will be both short, but also impactful. He must :

  • Intrigue the target : the first part, that is to say the introduction to your video, must succeed in capturing the attention, or even arousing the curiosity of your audience;
  • Explain the main theme that the video addresses : after gaining the attention of your audience, you must make sure to give them a reason to stay until the end of the video;
  • Promote your brand or your service : discreetly highlight your brand or the service you offer. A simple logo would be more than enough to show your audience that you are the author of the video.

Given all the conditions to be met, it is impossible to improvise the editing of a video to be published on Facebook. Beforehand, you must plan a script as well as a storyboard.  

Add subtitles to your Facebook videos

The majority of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. And yes, even though the video format respects the most popular type of content, it is not as adored as you think. Moreover, Facebook itself has understood this well since most videos are triggered by default without sound. It is therefore important to take the following measures.

  • Opt for automatic subtitles by Facebook

Facebook , thanks to its algorithms, has the ability to automatically generate subtitles for videos that do not have them. This option is less recommended, especially since the robots that detect the words that are spoken are sometimes hazardous. To ensure the quality of the subtitle that will accompany your video, it is better to refrain from this option.

  • Import subtitles in text format

This is one of the alternatives to the previous option. It allows you to have a very good quality subtitle, which you can possibly shorten when the sentences used are quite long and too fast for example.

  • Integrate subtitles from video editing

This last option is the one favored by marketing video experts, for several reasons. Indeed, by integrating subtitles from the editing of the video, you can better control it. Additionally, it gives you the ability to customize its appearance using your own font, colors, and graphics card. This is to make it easier for Internet users who follow your content to read.  

Put a call to action for marketing videos

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Whether it is a simple video to motivate your customers or your audience to buy one of your products or to animate your community, note that it cannot be done without a call to action at the end. To put it simply, a call to action is a way of calling on your targets to take action. In other words, you clearly guide them towards what you want them to do. It can be for:

  • Register for an event that your brand is organizing;
  • Request a demonstration of your products;
  • React to one of your videos;
  • Order one of the products you are currently promoting.

Many people put the call to action at the beginning or during the video. This may have its advantage, but good practice would be for the call to action to remain at the end of the video. Whether it is the person on the screen who says it or whether it is in writing, some specific rules must be respected. You must use action verbs which will on the one hand energize your audience and push them to act immediately. Otherwise, even if your video meets the other criteria, it will not produce the expected results.  

Publish natively

Add a subtitle

Your video is well recorded and you have added the necessary details to make it easier for Internet users to understand, now is the time to publish it on Facebook . It is much more recommended to publish the Facebook video natively, that is to say with a publishing tool specific to this social platform, rather than taking it through another website. This will allow you to keep the quality of your video intact.

Most social media favors videos published natively, since the main objective is to maintain a significant number of Internet users on the platform. Moreover, statistics have proven that videos published natively get Facebook likes .

Native publishing allows you to obtain an optimal format. In fact, a video uploaded directly to this platform is automatically triggered when it appears on the screen, thus capturing the target's attention.

Finally, this publication mode allows access to numerous customization tools. From Facebook , you can personalize the title of your video, its thumbnail, and even insert tags. It is also possible to personalize the labels which classify the videos according to the themes covered in order to give them more visibility.  

Opt for an optimal format

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After natively publishing videos on Facebook , many Facebook site and page owners face a specific problem. This is the choice of the type of format to use for the video. The first thing to note is that fewer people are using laptops to log into Facebook .

The main question to ask yourself here is what format should you choose to showcase your video. The answer is much more personal, since everything depends on your objectives, in particular the format that you yourself want your video to have.

The landscape format, that is to say the horizontal one, is the most suitable for the platform. However, you can use portrait or vertical format. It is also the one that is the most recommended, because it suits the size of a smartphone screen more than that of a computer, and most Facebook users today connect from their phone mobile.

In all, the choice is yours, it's up to you to take your target into account in order to opt for the optimal format.

Completely enter the data before posting a video on Facebook

A very good quality video must have metadata. These are simply data that you can personalize on your video so that it is more visible, even if it means reaching more people. They are best suited for the same information that comes with videos on a YouTube .

To put it simply, metadata is information that allows you to optimize the referencing of a video on Facebook . As a result, the social platform gives you access to a countless number of features to complete wisely. Please take the time to complete the information below:

The title of the video : it must describe in 25 characters or less the subject of the video you want to publish. Its goal is to make Internet users want to stop and play your video;

  • Tags : you must insert keywords related to the subject of your video into the tags. By doing so, you help Facebook understand the topic you are addressing. As a result, it will be able to classify your video among those covering the same themes.

The integration of these two metadata is more than enough to stand out from other Facebook videos with the same theme as yours.

Integrate a thumbnail that calls for a click

Every video creator knows that integrating a thumbnail into a video is of undeniable importance. On Facebook , the rule is also the same. Even if the videos are triggered automatically on this digital platform, if the Internet user deactivates this option, it is the video thumbnail that appears.

Like subtitles, Facebook may create a thumbnail for your video itself. But in this case, you are not sure that you will get optimal results. For more satisfactory results, take the time to design your own miniature to personalize it to your taste.

Write a very good quality post to accompany the video to be published

Once your video meets all the requirements to be published on Facebook , you need to prepare text to accompany it. The post that should follow the video must also arouse the curiosity of your audience.

To be sure to reach a certain number of people, the written publication that you must design to accompany your video must include the following points:

  • The value that your video brings : by reading the post that accompanies your video, your target must be able to know exactly what your video brings them more. Please ensure that your publication can display the keyword within 160 characters, otherwise it may not be immediately visible. To see it, the Internet user will have to press “Show more”, which many people do not like to do;
  • Hashtags: they are not only used on Twitter . You can also use them on Facebook to distinguish your content and categorize it so that it reaches your targets. Choose relevant hashtags that directly address the topic your video addresses;
  • A call to action : like the published video, your writing must also include a call to action. The call to action discussed here is the same call to action that your video should contain;
  • Mentions of your partners : this point only concerns companies or brands that are in partnership with others. Tag them in your post. For example, if the video you have to publish includes a particular guest, tag them so that they can in turn relay the publication.

Taking these different points into account will allow you to stand out in your niche.

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