How to block a YouTube channel?

YouTube is one of the biggest social media sites in existence today. Every day, millions of people around the world access the platform for needs that are personal to them. A large number of video contents are posted there every day. If you're a YouTuber like any other and you like to surf or create content on YouTube, you've probably already come across YouTube channels that you don't like and that don't really meet your interests. So you have the option to block them. Likewise, you will be happy to block other YouTube that leave negative comments on your videos.

However, you are probably wondering how you will achieve this. Please know that this is indeed possible ; From your web browser, go to the YouTube site from your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer ; Next, select the search box at the top. Then type the name of the channel you want to block and pressEnter ”; Once the results of your query are displayed, now select the channel in question; This last selection will redirect you to the interface of the channel to be blocked. Once you are there, click on the “About” tab; Now click on the flag button and select the “Block a user” option;
Finally, confirm the operation by clicking on “ Validate ”.

Continue reading this article to finally find out how you can block a YouTube channel on Windows and mobile versions.

Why block a YouTube channel?

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There are several reasons why some people decide to block YouTube channels. It really varies from one individual to another depending on the type of content they pay most attention to. A person, for example, would not hesitate for a second to block a YouTube channel that shares a certain interest in racism if it goes against these beliefs and values.  

Likewise, if you have children using your YouTube account to watch videos, it is essential for you to block harmful content that might offend their sensibilities. You may have a chance to not only optimize their viewing experience, but also prevent them from seeing anything that is mentally dangerous for them. For this, now know that there is a separate platform known as YouTube Kids, where all videos are specifically verified for our young viewers. This platform also allows you to delete videos that, in your opinion, do more harm than good. This is precisely why it is so important to learn how to block a YouTube channel.

How to block a channel on YouTube from different mobile devices?

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As you would have understood, it is possible to block your YouTube channel from almost all your media: laptop, iPhone, Android or even an iPad. Find out how it works here.

Block a YouTube channel from your laptop

If for any reason you no longer wish to follow a YouTube channel, or you no longer wish to see certain videos in your feeds, you can block them from your browser. To do this :

  • From your web browser, go to the YouTube site from your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer;
  • Next, select the search box at the top. Then type the name of the channel you want to block and press “ Enter ”;
  • Once the results of your query are displayed, now select the channel in question;

This last selection will redirect you to the interface of the channel to be blocked. Once you are there, click on the “ About ” tab;

  • Now click on the flag button and select the “ Block a user ” option;
  • Finally, confirm the operation by clicking on “ Validate ”.

Congratulations, your selected channel is now blocked. Now you don't have to worry about it anymore.

Block a channel on YouTube on iPhone, Android or iPad

The YouTube mobile application also offers the possibility of blocking a YouTube channel or even a YouTube user, so that they cannot comment on any of your videos. The process is simple and very convenient. Just follow the following steps to get there.

  • Go to the YouTube mobile app and search for the YouTube channel to block using the in-app search engine;
  • Make sure you're actually on the channel you want to block on your YouTube mobile app;
  • Once on the interface of the channel you have selected, open the menu in the form of three points, located at the top right of the screen;
  • Select “ Block user ” from the menu that appears on the screen;
  • Finally, you can confirm the blocking by clicking on “ Block ” in the message that appears.

The selected channel will now be blocked. The process is just that simple. It won't take up any of your time. You will get there in just a few minutes.

What is the difference between reporting a channel and blocking a YouTube video?

Note that there is a big difference between reporting a video and blocking a YouTube video. When you report a video, you are indicating that you believe it is inappropriate for all users and that you would appreciate it being reviewed and possibly removed from the platform if necessary. For your information, reported videos are reviewed 24/7. When it turns out that experts deem these videos inappropriate after review, they are removed from the platform for all users.

Blocking a YouTube channel now allows you to do without video content from that channel. This content may be deemed inappropriate for your religious beliefs, your moral values ​​or even unsuitable for your family. This is about your personal preferences.

 How do video recommendations work on the YouTube platform?

Recommended videos on the home screen of the YouTube platform based on search history and videos watched most often. They are selected from all videos available on YouTube, excluding content that you yourself have previously reported or blocked. Recommendations are chosen automatically, without manual review. When you are a new user, no recommendations are displayed until you know the types of content you like to watch.

Recommendations appear on the YouTube homepage and in the “ Up Next ” section. YouTube's recommendation systems also evolve if other users who have clicked on the same video have viewed it in full (a sign that the video is of quality or even a sign that the video is interesting) or if they have clicked on the video, but left the page shortly after playback began.

In addition, the platform is responsible for directly collecting users' opinions on specific videos and on recommendation systems using random surveys that appear on their home page or elsewhere in the application. Using this first-hand feedback, YouTube refines the systems for all users.

Can you unblock a YouTube channel after blocking it?

How to unblock a YouTube channel

If you change your mind about a channel you previously blocked, you can unblock it again from YouTube. To do this :

  • Open YouTube and navigate to the channel you plan to unblock;
  • Click this time again on the three points,
  • Once this is done, a proposal, you will be faced with the decision to unblock the user. Select the “ Unblock user ” option;
  • Finally, click “ Unblock ”.

Thus, the user will have been unblocked and will be able to comment on your publications again. Likewise, you might again see all those video posts on the channel you previously blocked.

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YouTube can often include content that is not suitable for all users. Which inevitably pushes some people to have to block YouTube channels. With this method, you can save yourself from video content that does not match your interests. This can be done on most of your media allowing you to connect to the platform. Furthermore, we have an article that can guide you in deleting a YouTube channel that belongs to you, if this no longer meets your objectives, the optics of making your YouTube channel known to thousands of people in record time, SocialBlast remains the best possibility offered to you on the market. Entrust us with the visibility of your YouTube channel . We will take care of it with great pleasure.

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