How to get a lot of shares on TikTok ?

Having become the creative Eldorado of digital natives in recent years, TikTok is the only social network which in just a few years has been able to stand out from all these competitors. Thanks to its unusual, highly impactful and extremely varied formats, the platform is reinventing and democratizing communication on social networks. So to make yourself known, one of the most reliable channels is TikTok .

However, it is not enough just to have an account to hope to make your video content go viral. Beyond your publications, you must be able to generate a lot of sharing on TikTok . But how should you go about it? Rest assured ! This does not require great effort. To get started, TikTok influencers , Make use of a tool to increase the number of subscribers , Publish your TikTok on other social networks , TikTok hashtags and Publish videos at the right time .

Carefully follow the methods outlined in this article and you will surely succeed.

How TikTok works in a few words

In full expansion, TikTok is a relatively new social network. It is of Chinese origin and was launched on the international market in 2017. TikTok is accessible from a web browser on a computer, as well as on TikTok application on a smartphone, like Instagram. Its principle: sharing short videos whose duration is less than three minutes, in vertical format (9:16). We could compare this platform to a mixture of Instagram and YouTube .

However, unlike these networks, the principle of TikTok is not initially based on the exchange of images or photos. Additionally, it is focused only on short videos. This TikTok helps increase the spontaneity of the videos produced, and the impression of proximity between content creators and their audience. Note that classic notions such as likes , engagement rate, shares and comments also exist on TikTok .

What are shares on TikTok for and why should you have enough of them?

First of all, remember that social media is a discipline that evolves at the boundaries of marketing, advertising and psychology. Understanding the psychological mechanisms that we experience when we are on networks, particularly on TikTok , is essential if we wish to fully seize the opportunities offered by these platforms.

By mastering how sharing works, you can create content that not only resonates with your audience, but you're also able to identify what's stopping your content from gaining virality on social media. And speaking of social networks, the most popular viral one today is TikTok . It is one of the best alternatives you can have in terms of sharing to effectively promote your business.

Shares on TikTok are now valuable for brands, startups and businesses who want to quickly gain great visibility. In fact, shares directly signal which messages, images and campaigns attract Internet users the most. So, a lack of shares is often a sign of a lackluster content strategy.

What are the ways to get more sharing on TikTok ?

TikTok Share 04

TikTok is the social network that will allow you to communicate differently, in a more fun way with young people who want to follow you and discover your activity. But you must, beforehand, take certain means allowing you to make your different videos more viral. Find out here how you can get more TikTok shares.

Collaborate with TikTok influencers

A great way to get shares on TikTok is to engage in collaborations. The TikTok influencer already attracts many subscribers. By engaging with the right audiences, your brand can become known. In general, they are not the same as on other platforms. They are generally more creative and also closer to their audience. In addition, they have the potential to reach your target in a more direct and sincere way.

Remember that influencer content is often taken up by its community. Thus, by directly involving its users, the brand benefits from content created free of charge by Tiktok users and therefore gains notoriety. This precisely explains the success of challenges and why brands love them. Because the format leverages the exponential exposure offered by user-generated content.   

Use a tool to increase the number of subscribers

It is currently possible for active users to increase their TikTok follower count using several tools. They can even identify influential people with simple clicks. Simply use advanced targeting to discover influencers focusing on the niche. It is therefore possible to target potential influencers by industry and niche and not mention the hashtag. Similar tools can filter fake influencers from bots. All this helps to increase your views and easily get more subscribers. There are a number of tools that can help you make yourself more popular.

Publish your TikTok content on other social networks: Instagram, Facebook , WhatsApp, etc..

Posting your video to Instagram helps you drive people to your TikTok . To increase views of your TikTok and increase subscribers. TikTok allows you to upload videos directly to your Flickr or your Facebook page . Next, click on the “ Share ” icon. TikTok videos are small, but can be posted as Stories on Instagram and Facebook . You can even create an archive from the TikTok that can be viewed by anyone on YouTube.

Use TikTok Hashtags

TikTok Share 03

Until recently, hashtags had become the foundation of social media. This utility continues to provide visibility on YouTube and TikTok . The hashtag makes it easy for active customers to access posts. It's even more fascinating if someone is interested in your hashtag. Describe a user who manages makeup products and makeup training videos. It can also help people search for makeup using the hashtag #makeup . You have subscribers who will also find you interesting. So they may decide to follow the video if you are interested.

Publish videos at the right time

Publish your content when your audience is most active. You can get more love and feedback if you post it in your site's frequency calendar. You can find different posts offering advice on the best times to post online. You have to do some research. Give a few weeks to test different posting schedules and determine the best time to commit. When you use your own TikTok Pro account, you will get a detailed report.

Why is it important to have followers on your TikTok account?

The TikTok site must ensure a constant presence on the site. In order to gain a larger audience, your brand needs increased awareness, sales growth, and a long-lasting relationship between yourself and your target audience. For you to make this platform credible, you need real fans.

How to develop your engagement on TikTok ?

While building a healthy and engaged community on Instagram can take a lot of time, the process when it comes to TikTok is relatively simpler and very easy to set up.

Stay original and on trend

In the “ For You ” tab, it is quite simple to understand the videos put forward by the TikTok : the majority of them are only between 10 and 20 seconds long and feature popular music of the moment. These videos also contain between 1 and 3 hashtags in their description, often the most popular. Be original too! Above all, do not reuse your YouTube videos or other media on TikTok , the format and the audience are not suitable for this.

Take part in the different TikTok challenges

TikTok Share 02

To increase your visibility on TikTok , it is crucial to adhere to the community and the codes of the social network. You will discover many trendy challenges every week: do not hesitate to identify them and if they correspond to your editorial line, to adapt them. This will allow you to be easily accessible with the hashtags corresponding to these various challenges.

The Duet feature on TikTok allows you to collaborate with another creator by placing your video next to theirs. The Collage functionality uses this same principle, but offers to extract part of the video from another account to react to it. These different features unique to TikTok have a really significant impact and can allow you to reach a new audience, improve your visibility and your engagement rate. Because the video's original creator community is instantly notified if you use these tools.

Be active and present on the platform

If there is one piece of advice we give you, it is to not give in to the call of automation tools offered by many websites. Spend some time interacting with your community on TikTok yourself. Yours, but also other Internet users. You would thus have the possibility to like, comment and share the content of other content creator accounts and establish relationships with other influencers in your field or not elsewhere.

Be regular

You must post regularly. The reason, because Internet users on TikTok are thirsty for content. If you're afraid of not having time to post regularly, don't hesitate to use tools to plan all your posts in advance, like Preview or Later. There are many tools to make your life on social networks easier, such as SocialBlast .

SocialBlast : the ultimate solution to make your life easier on TikTok

You no longer have to worry about your TikTok shares SocialBlast ! We take care of all the details. Our platform helps you boost your videos so that they are seen by a greater number of Internet users. All you have to do is submit your video and we'll take care of the rest. Our policy is to share your video with our massive audience of TikTok and collect the views, likes and followers it deserves.

Even more interesting, you will get results within minutes. So don't wait! Run to this opportunity to make your TikTok videos more viral.


Today, the most obvious way to make yourself known is to make use of the advantages of social networks, in particular TikTok . To do this, beyond the content you expose, you must be able to generate a lot of shares and likes. This article shows you the most credible ways to help you generate many more shares on your videos. In addition, we recommend socialBlast tools to make your task even easier. We take care of everything for you.  

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