How to monetize a TikTok account in 2023

Day after day, TikTok proves to be the perfect social network to make a living from your talent and promote your business. To take advantage of this deal, you just need to activate the monetization features. There are 5 in total, including creator funds, creator marketplace, video gifts, LIVE gifts, tips.   

Who can monetize a TikTok ? What are the conditions to be met? You will discover TikTok monetization strategies in 2023.

Understanding how TikTok works

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To monetize a TikTok , you need to know the basics of how it works. This way, you will be more inclined to optimize your activities on one of the best social networks. 

The algorithms

With 1 billion active users , TikTok has a large database. This data takes into account the user's viewing history, content preferences, location, and preferred language.

On the one hand, the algorithms are quite advanced to the point that they perform regular updates. Thanks to their machine learning capabilities, they easily identify keywords, trends, new themes, etc.

Then, following the collection and analysis of the data, the algorithms make personalized content recommendations based on interests. For example, if a follower frequently interacts with your posts, TikTok will find this relevant and offer it more to them. The same goes for new trends and events that they will not fail to link to your content, in order to better position yourself.

Types of content

On TikTok , content is king, and if you really want to monetize an account, you have to go all out on it to produce viral videos . However, make sure to identify beforehand the type of target audience you are targeting. It is imperative that you know their preferences and interests.

The content you will have to publish must be short videos which will be attractive, engaging and original at the same time. To do this, you need to be organized to develop a content strategy.

The interactions

To maximize engagement rate and revenue, it's imperative to build a strong community. We share with you on Socialblast , other tips for obtaining views, likes, shares in order to boost your audience.

Indeed, this undertaking requires a considerable investment of time and energy on your part, in particular by responding to comments and liking publications. You should also invite your subscribers to massively share your content to get a lot of sharing on TikTok .

It is crucial not to leave your subscribers hungry and to encourage them to surpass themselves. Followers are often looking for new challenges and stimulating interactions. This is why it is recommended to surprise them with entertaining challenges and games to pique their interest when you post on TikTok . Ultimately, an engaged community is the key to successful monetization on TikTok .

Collect tips

Tipping is one of the many features available to creators to monetize their presence on TikTok . 

Enable feature 

You will only receive tips if you authorize the operation on your account. In order to set up tipping on TikTok , it is necessary to access the powerful tools by tapping the Profile button in the app, then the Menu button at the top.

Once done, select Creator Tools, then click Tips, followed by the Apply button. To complete the setup, simply follow the on-screen instructions.  

All monetary transactions take place via Stripe. If you don't have an account on Stripe, TikTok will redirect you to their official platform.

Eligibility conditions 

To support their favorite content creators, followers send tips. These tips are coins exchanged with real money on the social network. You will receive 100% of the winnings sent to you.  

The conditions to be eligible for this feature are varied and you must meet all the criteria. First, you must reside in a conducive area where tipping is available. Since this doesn't work everywhere in the world.

Second, the presentation and use of your account must comply with the Terms of Service, Community Guidelines , and you must be at least 18 years old.

Third, the account must be a personal profile that has obtained at least 100,000 followers. If you check all these boxes, then you can send a request to TikTok customer support.  

On your account, you can consult the dashboard to see the evolution of your tips which you can withdraw weekly via Stripe.

Enable video gifts

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Video giveaways are one of the ways that you can confirm to what extent your followers are interested in the content you offer them. Virtual gifts vary depending on the popularity of your videos, so you can collect “Diamonds”.

To enable this feature, enter the menu then creator tools and finally apply the video giveaways setting. 

Conditions for activating video gifts 

To be able to benefit from Video Gifts, certain criteria must be met. First of all, it is important to check that this feature is available in the region where you live, as it is not available everywhere.

Then, you must necessarily reach the required age which is 18 years old. Additionally, your account must be created and have been active for at least 30 days, a public video must have been posted during this period. Another rule also requires that you gain at least 10,000 subscribers.  

Finally, only personal accounts are eligible, Business accounts are not. Additional requirements include banning videos in a duet (collage) format, or those that have been sponsored.  

In short, it is important to carefully check whether all these criteria are met before requesting activation of Video Gifts

Sell ​​product or service offers

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TikTok is a creative and dynamic platform that allows you to boost your business by producing creative and relevant content highlighting your branded products . If you want to optimize your presence on this platform, you can create a TikTok Business , which is available to businesses of all sizes. Even if the latter is a beta version .

By opting for a professional account, you will benefit from advanced features that will allow you to strengthen your brand and reach a wider audience. You will be able to monitor the performance of your marketing and advertising campaigns in real time, and adjust your strategy accordingly post after post . In addition, the creation of sponsored and impactful content will be greatly facilitated, which will allow you to promote your products more effectively.

In short, TikTok Business is an essential tool for businesses that want to leverage the creativity and engagement of the TikTok community to promote their business. With its innovative features and exclusive privileges, TikTok Business is the ideal solution to increase your visibility and propel your business into 2023.  

Collaborate with brands

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If your talent for creating content usually generates a ton of reactions, then maybe it's time for you to monetize it. Brands are constantly looking for ambassadors for product placements and if you're a quality content creator, you might be the one they're looking for.

To get noticed by companies, you need to specialize in a specific content creation area, like cosmetics, fashion, music, or sports equipment, for example. The more active followers you have, the more brands will be willing to pay for you to advertise to them. This is called influencer marketing.

Once you are identified by TikTok as an influential creator, you will be able to join their Creator marketplace and potentially earn a living as an influencer. This means you could get paid to create content that promotes products from various brands.

But above all, you must benefit from good visibility by having more views on TikTok ; Besides, we share with you strategies to get more views on TikTok through our blog. Additionally, you need to analyze your followers' habits to know when to post on TikTok so that your ads have more impact. You can learn more about strategies to increase your popularity on our blog.

It's important to keep in mind that monetizing your talent as a content creator takes time and requires constant commitment. You will need to ensure that you continue to create quality content, staying true to your personal brand and values. With patience and persistence, you could soon turn your passion into a viable and exciting source of income.

Some precautions to take  

Being able to monetize your account is a big challenge facing businesses and content creators. Even if algorithms create the right conditions for success, competition does not remain less. So, you need to prepare accordingly in terms of content and adaptation so as not to fall behind.   

It may happen that your community does not respond favorably to your creations. This should not discourage you, because this is the time to improve your approach strategy.

The other risks to which you may be exposed are legal ( copyright ), financial and damage to your image. In other cases, if you violate the usage policies, your account may be blocked and TikTok will remove your ability to monetize your account.


In conclusion, TikTok is counted among the best social media for monetizing content in the same way as YouTube. To take advantage of the many advantages available to active users, all you have to do is activate the type of monetization (creator marketplace) you want.  

Although there are conditions to meet, you need to maximize interactions on your profile. Having views, likes, comments, shares, thousands of followers, are essential factors that will contribute to your success.

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